JET Borden Central Windows continues to stuff its nose in the small papers of the Xbox studios and publishes some details on the next productions of the Studios Compulsion Games and Obsidian Entertainment.

Xbox Exclusive Games Leaked from Compulsion & Obsidian
Integrated in the Xbox Game Studios in June 2018, the Canadian Studio Compulsion Games ( We Happy FEW ) is officially at work on a narrative action game in the third person. According to Jet Borden, this project would be code name Midnight and would register in a dark fantasy registry. This initiatory story entirely playable solo seems to be inspired from the deep south of the United States. Illustrations representing the young protagonist of the adventure as well as characters similar to harpies are disclosed below.

As can be read in a recent interview with Nail Heyday available on the Xbox Squad website, the Compulsion Games team now includes 80 people while remaining the smallest studio of the Xbox family. The Midnight project started a few months after the exit of We Happy FEW and the whole team now works on this project.

This is not the case at Obsidian where many projects are in production simultaneously. In addition to the new License Avowed, The Outer Worlds 2 and Grounded updates, another small team of 12 people led by Joshua Sawyer (director of Fallout New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity ) Board on a project named Little internally. It is described by Jet Borden as a narrative role-play without combat and has many branches, way Disco Elysium, all in a context of murder and conspiracy to unravel. The game would aim for an output in 2022.

Jeff Grubs can not decently let JAZZ Borden shoot all the big Xbox leaks specialist has also returned to the charge by announcing the next return of 1 against 100, this adaptation of the television game that had done The happiness of the Xbox Live The space of 2 seasons in 2009 and 2010. The project would be developing at Altspacevr, which belongs to the Windows Mixed Reality division of Microsoft, with the support of the Xbox team.

For this return of 1 against 100, Altspacevr would use avatars similar to those recently announced for meetings on Microsoft Teams. The project comes from the same team that created the VR support for Microsoft Flight Simulator. And although Microsoft still does not intend to create its own Xbox VR helmet or anything like that, the company Supports Altspacevr s efforts, explains Jeff Grubs.