You can also save items, create stations for other players and much more.

EXTRA GAMES sets the march towards Fort FACEL 3 PUBLICATION with the recent revelation of Forts. These are available to players to customize and each has its own appearance. Fortresses are available in Act 1 of the campaign when prompted by some goblins.

In addition to various cosmetics and decorations with which a fortress can be filled, the players can also place all handcrafted items in it. From there it is possible to stack objects, move and so on. There is also a fort inventory in which items can be stored safely.

Further decorations can be activated by playing the game, complete quests and go through several contract levels (where special contracts offer better items). Another nice turn is that you can hit the wilderness on the fort of another adventurer and vice versa. It is even possible to add certain stations like Luck Trees and Enchanting Stations, the latter share their own recipes with the world.

Fortresses are also accounting and can be used by all their characters. All resources and upgrades contained therein will also be available what should be helpful in the levels of ALTS. Taschenlamp 3 is currently planned for PC for this summer and later for consoles.

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