Ne tease Games The first three king door theme season-style strategy smartphone games Daisuke informed that a new version of Too has been released from today.

Ne tease Games s First San shin Themes Season Collection Strategy Smartphone Games Daisuke Tosh released a new version that Today s pretty is a theme of Tomorrow. In the new version, the player can join the Global Server and compete with the players players and to meet more friends and rivals at the same time. Furthermore, by appearing a further upgraded treasure system, the player will have a different war experience. With the release of new versions, official PV and special pages are also released, and there are many diverse events and luxurious campaign rewards, so don t miss it!

▼ PV

Special page release, various events well-being held

Daisuke created a special page that introduces the content of the version in detail to reach this large update. Special pages include categories such as soldiers, group-out-of-mouth, military group, celebration, and honor festivals, and clicking each category can check the details of the event.
(Special page:

A treasure system improved to a new version appears. In the Semium Book, we provide detailed information and capture of treasure, and help the player quickly understand the details of the system and help play an active part on the global server. More information can be confirmed from the official capture center.

With the opening of the global server, the battle in the world of the Great Country will become increasingly intense. In order to inspire the morale of the alliance, we will tweet with Tori and Large Mike Guns Taken Joint tag in the Group-out-of-group event, and show a victory determination to a friend. Furthermore, the Lord participating in the Third Expressway is a ball note and a war-legal experience value.
(Target tweets:

At the same time, Fukuoka Story, Benomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomo is also well-received. Even in the event of travel, all interaction with foreign friends, the opposition story, interesting and inspiring moments value all. If you posted, the luxury prizes and new goods sets from Roku Simon will be scolded. In addition, excellent sentences are posted on special pages and in-game Media pages, so access the special page immediately and put a vote for your favorite sentences.

Besides that, a new version of the new version will also be held. In order to celebrate that, the alliance entered the Water Ward of the Global Server can apply for sponsorship compensation such as game goods and gift cards on the game or special page.

In addition to the above events, Haiku will hold a collaboration with the only three National Three Kingdoms Gallery Kobe Wetsuit Three Kingdoms Gallery, and hold an exhibition spanning for a month. If you visit the venue, you can enjoy the visual feast of the Three Kingdoms.
Daiganoshin The new version has officially released, and a variety of content, such as the appearance of the global server, and the treasure system and the treasure system of the grade, brought room for further strategy to the three-country battlefield. Enter the game immediately and taste the deep schematic experience brought about by the new version!

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