Already engaged two big productions with Konami and Take-Two Interactive, the Polish Studio Bloober Team stacks the partners and announces the production of a game with Rogue Games, the publisher of the future Wipeout Rush.

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New Silent Hill FINALLY Coming From Konami & Bloober Team
In its statement, Rogue Games indicates that this partnership concerns a game not announced that will be available on PC and new generation consoles. We could not be more enthusiastic about collaborating with Snape on this incredible project. We are proud to create games that repel the boundaries of originality and immersion, and we are delighted to work alongside. A company that shares our vision, said Piotr Babieno, Bloober Team CEO.

We admire the dark and beautiful games of Bloober for years, and we immediately knew that they were the only team capable of making justice to this crazy concept cool. It s not for today – games Unforgettable, originals and tearing require time and attention – but we look forward to announcing all the details of this project at a later date. Adds Matt Casamassina, CEO of Rogue Games.

Not enough to enlighten more so, but we are especially retaining that this title is the 4th project in preparation at Bloober Team after his teaser Layers of Fears and his two big titles for Konami and Take-Two. The studio of The Medium has the recall received an investment from Tencent to support it in its growth, which currently has some 150 employees.