In a year that will remain for the memory as one of the best in the history of Riot Games, Runied King: A League of Legends Story could be the icing on the cake. The first game of a single player in the history of the company announced its delay for some time of the current year 2021 without having made any ad over the past few months. However, the silence could be about to end: A filtration points out that there will be surprise and we can play it long before what we thought.

Launch date for Ruined King?

The last time we had news regarding Ruined King s premiere: League of Legends Story was on the last gala of the Game Awards (December 2020) and the last tuit of Riot Forge s official account arrived at the same time at Form of Christmas celebration. However, a supposed filtration of confidential information from Nvidia date the premiere for the next day November 16, 2021.

Viego, the Ruined King
Although you always have to be cautious with the leaks, Riot Games is exhausted by dates. From here at the end of the year there is no time left for a great promotional campaign, and everything indicates that it is also too late to announce a new delay that would sit like a cold water jug ​​to League of Legends. Moreover, those who have been waiting for the developer for years to launch a game in consoles for the first time in their history.

If the date could be fitted despite its proximity, it is a matter of planning. Although there are barely a few days left, the developer would have a unique opportunity to present Ruined King before millions of people in the next Final of LosWorlds 2021. A last bullet before going to a launch on the horn next December or a delay that would not have been announced yet.