At Blizzard, just no rest. It is almost exactly three months ago, because it took J. Allen Brack after the sexism complaint his hat as president to make room for the new double leadership from Jen Oneal and Mike Ybarra. Mike Ybarra, who had previously worked for Xbox for 20 years ago, took the time to make a name for themselves within the WOW community: he is mythic-plus profi, tires through the LFF Wing and also sells Boost Runs in Wow.

NEW LEADERSHIP AT BLIZZARD // Good Luck Jen Oneal & Mike Ybarra!

Jen Oneal was the head of the Studio Vicarious Visions, which had last Diablo 2 Resurrected had been implemented, and now firmly belonged to Blizzard. And now she obviously draws her to a new challenge, after only three months as Blizzard leadership. In a message on the official Blizzard page, the developer writes that they leave Blizzard in the course of the year and Mike Ybarra alone will take over the direction of Blizzard.

As a reason, she guides that she wants to do more for the industry as an individual in the future, as only develop games. The many conversations with Blizzard employees in recent months have moved deeply, and she wants to invest its entire energy in the future to move something throughout the industry. How this wants to look exactly, she does not know at the present time yet.

It is clear that Activision Blizzard has supported it not only in its decision, it should also be a donation of 1 million US dollars to the non-profit organization Women in Games International – There is Jen ONEAL board member. With this money, mentor and continuing education programs are to be financed for women.

What do you think that Jen ONEAL gives up your post as BLIZCARD guidance so quickly? Track us in the comments!

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