Hytale is a Sandbox and role-play computer game, under advancement and also modified by hypixel (the group behind the hypixel minecraft server,) supplied on Windows and also Mac. Initially announced for 2021, the developers lastly pressed back to at the very least 2023. Hytale is based on a building and construction system utilizing blocks inspired by that of Minecraft, of which it is independent. The studio assures the creation as well as sharing of web servers as well as mods by supplying a number of devices. The development of the game started in 2015. It is revealed at the end of 2018 with the launch of a trailer on the YouTube platform, seen greater than 58 million times,.

Jen ONEAL gives your post as a co-boss at Blizzard. Thus, the sole responsibility falls back to a man, Mike Ybarra.

Just a few weeks ago, J. had resigned all Brack as a boss of Blizzard and was replaced by a new CO leadership. Mike Ybarra and Jen ONEAL should jointly lead the company and thus ensure that the problems of the past – like the sexism scandal – no longer repeat itself in the future.

Hardly 3 months after Jen OneAl has started this job, she now returns. The lead from Blizzard is thus on Mike Ybarra.

Where does the info? From Jen Oneal himself. They had only turned to the staff and later to all. On the official Blizzard page, she published a statement in which she describes the reasons for her way. She goes on her past at Blizzard and is confident that Mike Ybarra can handle the task alone.

What still has said? She describes in her farewell contribution that she has done a lot together with Mike Ybarra in recent months to make Blizzard a better job, so that the company in the future again That Creative Power House was, which has brought millions of players to Azeroth and all the other Blizzard worlds.

Further, she describes that video games and the creation of their lifeblood was and that they had luck at the same time to find their passion in the task of being a voice for diversity, equality and inclusion.

It says:

I wanted to personally hear from me that I have made the decision to withdraw Blizzards from the CO leadership and take another role before leaving abbreviation [Activision Blizzard King] at the end of the year. From now on, Mike Ybara Blizzard will lead. I do not do that because I do not see any hope for blizzard, but exactly the opposite – I m inspired by the passion of all here, which work on significant, ongoing change with all your heart.

This energy has inspired me to explore from me and explore how I can handle games and diversity overlapping and I hope to have a greater impact that helps Blizzard (and other studios) helps. While I m not sure that the figure will accept, I am excited to start this trip.

Blizzard stands behind this decision and supports OneEAL by donating 1 million dollars to the Women in Games International, a non-profit organization, which is also involved. The Wigi is committed to equal opportunities and diversity in the Games industry.

Blizzard s best days are still in front of us

Next one writes one that you are familiar with Ybarra and assuming that he will make good decisions for Blizzard s games and the working culture will meet – many of them have been launched in the last few months and are sometimes implemented.

Blizzard Best days are lying in front of us. I really believe that.

Finally, OneAl thanks all employees who have raised their voice in recent months to bring about improvements. She inspired her to take a different way, where she can still support these efforts.

This is how the community reacts: The announcement is also hotly discussed in the community. That Blizzard was led by a man and a woman in the course of the transformation and equal opportunities, many found many well. However, that the woman disappears again after just under 3 months, causes incomprehension. Above all, it does not seem to look at the fact that the post is replaced by Jen Ooneal – the leadership goes completely on Mike Ybarra.

Some means that that would have been a pr-trick to praise diversity and fall into the old pattern shortly thereafter. The words of OneAl are against it.

Other twitching only with the shoulders and wonder if ONEAL had done something in the time. After all, Ybara has heard significantly more, which was also in exchange with the community – for example at streams in which he played pretty ambitious World of Warcraft.

Other remember however, that you can not easily recognize good guidance from the outside. Just because Oneal did not stand so much in the public s light, it would not mean that she had nothing to say or had no decisions.

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Many see the departure critical: However, there is also a large part of the community discussed in the subreddit of Wow, who does not believe the reasons for the departure. So MID22 summarizes the whole text so:

Activision Blizzard Cave, End Arbitration For Harassment Claims, CEO Pay Massively Cut For Now

Blizzard has so inspired me so much that I decided to leave the company and dissociate it as strong as possible.

More than 2,300 gave this comment an upvote – a view that is obviously shared.

Something different interprets the Zoupa7, who also gets a lot of approval with almost 400 upvote:

Lol. My guess is that this whole co-guiding thing was virtually a competition between the two and they came to the conclusion that Mike is better suited for the role.

In any case, the departure of ONEAL ensures incomprehension in the community. The sign that is now sent, gives the mood of the mood and hope that Blizzard would be changing for better, just a damper. A damper, which also affects Blizzard himself. So Amy Dunham said a Blizzard employee who announced their departure a few hours ago, with the magazine pcgamer:

Dass Jen Blizzard leaves, is tragic. I have absolute understanding for you and your decision and I respect them incredible. It is a world-class leadership. She was also the one thing this year, which was hopefully thinking about the company.

What do you think about this announcement? Logical and comprehensible? Or strange that OneAl is already going again?