Netflix continues to put your head in the world of video games. The company has already passed the barrier by buying even development studies, but its responsible know that, at an audiovisual level, there are a multitude of interesting franchises and many possible projects that would attract a good handful of fans. That is why this December arrives the second season of The Witcher, but long before, in need of only a few days, we will have another very expected series.

We talk about Arcane, the League of Legends animation series, which is released by this November 7 on the platform and that it already has a final trailer, that you can see about these lines. Every legend has a beginning, they say from Netflix. From the creators of League of Legends arrive arcane, a new series of animation that explores the origins of two legendary champions and a city on the verge of war.

Arcane: Final Trailer
Jinx and VI are the main faces of this expansion of the universe of the famous Moba of Riot Games, and both them and champions and Viktor or Jaycee have a very concrete and striking digital finish. It is responsible for Fortiche Productions, a study settled in France that has already been engaged in some audiovisual LOL projects previously.

As we say, this Sunday we will have available the first act in Netflix Spain, although the progress lets us know the date of the subsequent ones: The second act we will have it on November 13 and the third act on the 20 of the same month. In addition, days ago we knew that we can see the first episode of ARCANE free on Twitch, through the direct streamers distributed all over the world.

trailer in Spanish