Times change, and it s something that always goes hand in hand with politics. Do you remember the ads of Haribo, Cheetos or cookies for children? Well EN 2022 will stop issuing on television, radio and networks.

Yesterday, the Minister of Consumer Alberto Garzón announced a new measure that will come into force next year: Garbage food ads for minors will be banned in the media (More details in this News of 20 minutes).

Beyond the controversy that has raised between people, this measure of the government will lead to a popular streamer to change its collaborations and ads from the next few months…

We are talking about Ibai Llanos, one of the most popular streamers in the world and a celebrity in our country. And it is that many minors follow the direct IBAI day by day.

A few days ago we tell you why IBAI posted sweets, snacks or fast food (as Domino s) in its collaborations. The advertising of betting houses, but not the food ads garbage.

This new measure of the government will force IBAI to set aside this type of ads. For example, it is still remembered a collaboration that did with Domino s, launching the call Pizza IBAI.

And it is that this prohibition not only affects television or radio. Social networks like Instagram, Twitter and even Twitch will be affected by it, and this is also aimed at Ibai s advertising.

Global Junk Food: How the Western Food Industry is Making Poor Countries Fat | ENDEVR Documentary
Recently, the Basque Streamer explained that he has no qualms about announcing these brands, such as Pepsi, KFC or Domino s. He admits that he consumes this type of food, although he acknowledges that can be harmful to health.

Specifically, the measure prohibits that any candy announcement, snacks, beverages and another kind of junk food for children under 16 years of age is issued or transmitted. Specifically, only if they have more than 225 kcal for every 100 grams.

As I was saying IBAI itself, healthy products such as vegetables, fruits or even good quality meat / fish should be promoted. However, it can not be denied the economic impact of these million-dollar companies fast food.

This measure will be noted in the coming months, and, of course, IBAI will not be the only affected. What do you think about this? Do you think it is beneficial for the streaming industry? We read you in the comments.