The League of Legends World s 2021 campaign by Funplus Phoenix had a difficult start when the World Champion of 2019 in the opening match against the reigning master DWG Kia received an L. However, since Funplus Phoenix is ​​still favored by many to win the entire tournament, there is a long way for the LPL side in front of him.

During the champion selection, FPX Nautilus castle – one of the many dark technologies attributed to the Midlan Kim Doinb Tae-Sang, as the player is known to play the support-oriented pick in the Midlane. It is this creativity in Doointbs selection, which has created admiration from players around the world.

For example, take the Midlan of Red Canids, Daniel, Grevthar Xavier. The Brazilian player told The PC Player 24 during a Press Conference of the Worlds Play-Ins, that his love of Kled Mid play directly comes down that he watched Dainb in the pilot of the Cantankerous Cavalier. In the meantime, Yasin, Nisqy s Dinçer said from Fnatic to The PC Player 24 during the LEC 2021 Summer Playoffs that he often looks at the vods of DoBoB and has great respect for the player.

On the question at the end of today s game, what he considers to have such an impact on his contemporaries, Doinb says the PC player 24, that he really appreciates that so many people have such statements for him.

However, the Korean notes that this influence goes in both directions and says that he had really much of other professional players learned in the past year after FPX did not qualify for the 2020 World Cup.

Preparing for our first game around Worlds2021 FPXWin

Opening Ceremony Presented by Mastercard | 2019 World Championship Finals

-FPX (@fpx esports) 9 . October 2021

While Dainb says he continues to learn from his colleagues, he hopes to continue inspiring the League of Legends Community in return. I would like to bring more [Influence] to you all, he says.

Doinbs s next opportunity to shine in the Rift, will be against Cloud9, because FPX tries to recover from his defeat on the first day.