FNAF Security Breach Release Date Trailer (Reaction & Analysis)
5 Nights At Freddy s: Security Breach officially has a release date: December 16, 2021. A brand-new trailer debuted throughout Sony s latest State of Play, highlighting first-person survival horror gameplay.

A main PlayStation Article shares more details. The title has gamers trying to get away from Freddy Fazbear s Huge Pizzaplex, all the while escaping animatronic baddies on the prowl. You ll be playing as Gregory, a little kid who find himself caught inside the Pizzaplex once the restaurant s lockdown procedures enter into effect.

Gregory can conceal in small areas as well as well as cause disturbances to browse around his pursuers to avoid discovery. Players will certainly have a couple of various other defensive devices at their disposal also, consisting of the Faz Cam and also Fazblaster. The Faz Camera is a cam that stuns all opponents captured in its flash, permitting gamers to make a fast escape. The Fazblaster has limitless ammunition yet needs a headshot to stun adversaries, which can be challenging when opponents are dashing towards you.

In a twist, Freddy Fazbear himself will in fact assist gamers, acting as an overview throughout the video game as well as caution of the difficulties to find. As seen in the trailer, Gregory can in fact conceal inside Fazbear as well as march around the facility undiscovered, although this can only be done for a limited time before the animatronic lack power and also requires to be reenergized.

The PlayStation Blog teases that the video game will include unique boss fights and also workplace escape video games, in addition to fully usable game cupboards concealed throughout the Pizzaplex.