Announced in July 2020 and particularly discreet since then, Obsidian s next big project resurfaced in the columns of the Central Windows site, which would obviously have its entries within the recently acquired Studio by Microsoft. Avowed would be out of pre-production there is little and now aim for a first playable version.

The sources of central windows would also have delivered a lot of details on the adventure s gameplay and the adventure that, without surprise, would embody the house version of the Formula Elder Scrolls, namely a Western RPG in view of the First person in a fantasy universe that would actually be that of Pillars of Eternity. He would take over certain spells and creatures, as well as some of the particular features, such as the enchantment of weapons.

Video acquired Studio

Avowed – World Premiere Trailer

Resident Evil: The Board Game Official Trailer

The game would turn on an enhanced version of the outer Worlds motor (which will be entitled to a second episode), would embark a class system and two-handed combat mechanics authorizing different combinations, such as Skyrim could already do it in his time. Central Windows evokes the possibility of kicking as well as using its offensive shield, while structuring its attacks around a precise Mapping.

The site, however, evokes a more colorful game than the Elder Scrolls, in the vein of outer worlds and may be a little countercurrent of what had been suggested in the first trailer. Destructible environments have been evoked, as is the impact of some damage – fire, obviously – on the decor. Just the very classic sum for gender specialists, who will at least be fixed on the basic bricks of the Obsidian s next title.