At a very specific treasure chest, fans of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for years have bitten the teeth. A hardcore player has now accepted the challenge and finally made the unexpairable.

Breath of the game: Players demonstrates his skills

A curious treasure chest makes life difficult for Breath of the Wild players for years. For a long time, the Zelda professionals are puzzling, as they could come to the last, actually impossible to achieve the chest – until recently without success.

It was the last unopened chest in the game, according to Glitch-Hunter and BotW expert / expert Swiffy22. Why did she stay unopened so unopened? The object in Aris Beach spawns only when your player approaches a radius of just under 80 meters. After her appearing underground , however, the chest begins to sink, only to disappear again for about seven seconds later.

Zelda-Profi Kleric has now made the impossible possible despite these circumstances and open the glitch chest with a naked skill. In a short video he shows, how he made it:

Using links Cryomodul, he manages to reach the surface of the game world. With a impressively liquid change between the different modules and the wild firing of arrows, the professional causes the chest that does not sink into the ground. Then he gets them with the magnetic module on the ice deck shape on which he stands.

And what is in the final chest?

A look at the last unopened chest in Breath of the Wild should clarify the exciting question for all times: What is in the mysterious box? The sobering answer is: unfortunately not much. For the reward for his efforts KLERIC only gets a small amber. The stones will find players during their adventure again and again, whether in chests or in the mountains.

Treasure Chest - breakdown of the expansion with designer

Most likely, the professional was less about what was ultimately in the glitch chest, but rather around the Challenge, finally to keep this hitherto not tangible sweetheart. Also, the commentators on Twitter express themselves enthusiastically and congratulate the stubborn player.

Ihr have spent countless hours in Hyrule and thinks everything about Breath of the Wild to know? Then tells you our expert quiz:

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After four years, the last unopened chest is opened in Breath of the Wild. The content is a bit lousy with a lousy amber, but the community is fire and flame. Do you also dare to meet the chest-trick or do you overcome the other daring players? Write us your opinion in the comments on Facebook!