Apparently the Phoenix Suns threatens a racism and sexism scandal. The LIGA is apparently preparing for a revelation report in which SunS owner Robert Sarver should accuse serious misconduct. This rejected all allegations.

We are aware that a medium is considering the publication of a story that makes the loseless allegations against the SunS organization in relation to different topics, it says in an official statement of the franchise in which the team calls, no advancing Judgments after the publication of the story.

Previously, Jordan Schultz had announced that the NBA prepared for a huge story , in which Suns owner Robert Sarver racism, sexism and sexual harassment should be accused. If sufficient evidence will be presented, the league could possibly scrap control over the Suns.

Currently, it is still unclear when the story should appear. Apparently, Baxter Holmes works by espn at the revelation report, according to John Gambadoro ( arizona Sports 98.7 FM ) were surveyed for the story for the story.

Sarver rejected all allegations in a statement. He was completely shocked by the allegations of espn and described the allegations of anonymous sources as vague : Some of the allegations are in the complete contradiction to my nature and the character of the Suns / Mercury organization and I can say that you never have never happened.

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The 59-year-old fought himself in his statement against any allegations of discrimination and racism. I do not know how to prove that something is not happened, and it is difficult to forget such allegations as soon as they were pronounced, says Sarver. I categorically deny all allegations […] and believe that my previous actions against racism or discrimination of any kind answer all questions regarding my commitment to equality and fairness sufficiently.