Only today on the standard session he learned that he would stand as the main manager at the sideline. Together with Xaver Zembrod, Dino Toppmöller took over for the diseased Julian Nagelsmann. It s not that easy if the head coach is not there at the last moment, Toppmöller said at Dazn – but did not mean themselves primarily. Instead, he spoke a compliment to the team , the Guys have made it sensationally well .

His own role of the 40-year-old co-coach played down. It s not that if Julian is not there, that I m the boss and meet my own decisions, he explained at the press conference after 4-0 in Lisbon. He was until yesterday, he led the match plan meeting, the guys were prepared. Concrete, he had only a few tasks after his own statement. I had only two performances, Toppmöller reported: the last address before the game as well as the half-time analysis with the scenes cut by video analyst Benjamin lucky scenes.

Only in the second half works the radio contact

It was not that I m doing the big Zampano, summed up the co-trainer. Especially since Nagelsmann was involved in the processes during the game – at least after the side change. In the first half we had no contact during the game, because radio contact with the analysts did not work, said Toppmöller. Through radio, Toppmöller s fellow Zembrod was networked with the Bayern analysts, which in turn were in contact with Nagelsmann.

When the connection was in the second round, the coach could also influence the important decisions. Julian has made the decisions in the remuneration, said Toppmöller clearly. You do not make your change independently. So the recording of Serge Gnabry for Benjamin Pavard was the idea of ​​Nagelsmann. One that paid out: the offensive player was involved in the emergence of three of the four Bayern goals.

Debt with liver cheese and beer

You see that Julian is ill, but very fix in the head, Toppmöller praised his boss. That was a great idea of ​​him and a crucial point for us, that we were much more dangerous with Serge. It was a courageous decision. Well done, Julian.

The coach himself was obviously already reported to speak. Julian has already put a video in the group with the players, Toppmöller betrayed whose father Klaus 2002 with Bayer 04 Leverkusen in the final of the Champions League. Now Toppmöller Junior now wants – but before there would be something else to do. Xaver and I probably have to make a debut now, Toppmöller looked ahead. In Munich, Leberkäse and a beer tradition.