Blizzard is currently governed by two people. One of them is Mike Ybarra, who was known community, as a player of World of Warcraft. And it is one that does raiduje and dungeons of mythic +. It has recently raised a lot of doubts among some players of the game and, as loudly expressed his satisfaction with the general idea of ​​WoW. This refers to posing just for this type of content, or mythic +.

Mike Ybarra caused a stir again a few days ago, when in the course of the weekend took part in the heroic Sanctum of Domination sales run with his guild. Yes, Blizzard s chief boostował latest raid in World of Warcraft for a fee. Of course, Golda, but the same facts was enough to play part of the community expressed their displeasure loudly. Why?

Boostowanie content game and it s a normal thing. Boostowanie was, is and will be, as a quick way to earn money for people who have the skills and equipment to perform the difficult dungeon or raid a player, who wants to pay for the service. The problem arises when the economy boostowanie spoils the game and is the dominant way to earn. In World of Warcraft does not help that the presence of WoW Token.

Such arguments at least the drag angry players who are not satisfied with the fact that the head supports boostowanie Blizzard World of Warcraft. They point out that if boostowanie is the daily bread of the players and very willing to use it (replacing the token WoW gold, and it, in turn, paying for Boost) something is wrong with the game. Yet SAMA community should deal with the challenges thrown by the game and instead rely on more experienced people.

In fact, looking at czatowi in the game, it is hard not to notice the excess of offers related to boostowaniem. Again, I stress – such a thing had always existed, but this phenomenon has intensified after the addition of WoW token and changes in World of Warcraft game by which has become less pleasant.

It is worth noting that no one blames players for boostujących that they offer their services and thereby earn. The problem is the production itself, the excess of casual people who want to dress in a raid without effort and the lack of action from Blizzard.

And why would a company actually something to do with this? Hajs after they agree. Guild boss Blizzard wishes Golda 300 000 for clearing Sanctum of Domination. WoW token costs about $ 20 and can be sold at auction for about 200 000 Gold (purposely I give US prices). Two such tokens provide us therefore made the raid – the company earns $ 40, therefore, someone who wanted to have a downhill. Pure business!

There are also boosting Defenders – note that this is the best option to repair your statistics and get invited us to an interesting guild. In addition, the top guilds can make money in this way, to be able to make regular raids and mythic + mythic level, that are simply expensive with this amount of tests that they take.

Which in turn is your position on this? What do you think about boostowaniu raids in game? You do not see any problem in that the whole phenomenon should not affect the economics of the game?

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  • Mike Ybarra ???? (@Qwik) October 16, 2021