Facebook , as a company, it is constantly growing. From the purchase of Instagram and whatsapp, until the creation of virtual reality technologies. In this way, a new report has pointed out that Mark Zuckerberg s company could change the name next week , this with the aim of focusing on its own metaverse.

According to The Vise, during Connect, an annual event, which will be held on October 28, Zuckerberg would reveal the new title of the company. Facebook is the name of the company, where they are grouped Facebook (Social Network), Instagram, WhatsApp, and other types of business. This is how the modification would be focused on the company, not in the social network.

This change would take place to make your metaverse more uniform. A couple of days ago it was announced that more than 10 thousand jobs were created in Europe. In this new division, Augmented and virtual reality technologies are being developed, this for the purpose of forming a single space . Zuckerberg believes that this would replace mobile devices in the future. This was what CEO of Facebook commented on this:

We will pass that people see us mainly as a social networking company to be a metaverse company.

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At the moment it is unknown which will be the new name of Facebook, but considering that this revelation would take place next week, We will not have to wait long to have a clear answer . In related topics, this is the reason why social networks failed a couple of days ago. Similarly, a report notes that Instagram has toxicity problems among teenagers.

Editor s note:

Facebook would not be the first company to change the name with the aim of distant from your social network. However, nobody had done it to this climb. It will be interesting to see how the market and the public react to these modifications, and if the metaverse plan will have the result that is sought.

Via: The Verge