Through an interview with Xbox Squad, those responsible for compulsion Games have shared some details that will be your next project, a narrative title in the third person we can enjoy solo: It s not a rogueike where you repeat several times A process and you need a lot of information to make sure it is fun, said the representative of the study, Nail Hadjas, leaving the differences with We Happy Few.

After highlighting how much you are learning after your purchase by Microsoft, the creators have highlighted that in the face of this title they will not need both feedback, so this development will be much more agile than the previous one: We have given ourselves A little time to learn, Hadjas stands out, underlining that during the last months they have doubled the staff and, therefore, have had to find new ways of organizing. In spite of all these changes, since the study they are clear that the new title, which is already in the process of production, will remain unique and aimed: We have the goal of expanding our universe, to continue leaving a trace in the industry as a study who likes to make unique games in little visited environments. For now, that is what we are looking for: to ensure our legacy without ceasing to be faithful to ourselves ».

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This will be the third Games Compulsion project, Canadian study who debuted in 2013 with Contrast and who managed to draw Microsoft s attention after the launch of We Happy Few in 2018. In his progress of Distópic Roguelike, my companion Víctor Martínez emphasized the interesting of His atmosphere and the interesting of the stealth mechanics despite the fact that the contact with the game was quite hard.