A judge is a person who presides over court proceedings, either alone or as a part of a panel of courts. A judge listens to all the witnesses and any kind of various other evidence provided by the barristers or solicitors of the case, analyzes the credibility and disagreements of the parties, and also then problems a judgment in the event based on their interpretation of the regulation as well as their very own individual judgment. A judge is anticipated to perform the test impartially and also, usually, in an open court.
The powers, features, method of consultation, self-control, and training of judges vary commonly throughout various jurisdictions. In some territories, the judge s powers may be shown a court. In inquisitorial systems of criminal investigation, a judge could likewise be a checking out magistrate. The presiding judge guarantees that all court procedures are legal and also organized.

Without her, football would not be possible. Nevertheless, there are less and less referees nationwide. From 2014 to 2018, the DFB noted a decline by around five percent, rising trend. To draw attention to this problem, the Kreisfußballverband (Kfv) West Coast has now set a special sign. In the Lokalderby of the Kreisliga West Coast West between the Ostrhor SC and the SV Hemmingstedt – final 0: 4 – came with buoy judge (76), Holger Becker (74) and Karl-Heinz Grund (74) three Ü-70 referees.

I had lamp fever, gave the senior referee Boje Richter. Although the 76-year-old worked as a referee for 48 years, this was the first party for some time for him. Lastly, judge was in the referee retirement. To draw attention to the rising referee defect, the impartial but again known in the area Schleswig-Holstein Handle again to the whistle. Judge, which, among other things, already a charity game, in which no lesser than Gerd Müller and Lothar Emmerich was led, was supported by Holger Becker (74) and Karl-Heinz Grund (74). This could be the oldest referee s team of history. At the 0: 4 between the Ostroher SC and the SV Hemmingstedt, Judge experienced an exemplary gameplay.

Sovereign: Without problems, the 76-year-old Boje judge led the county league batch between Ostroher SC and the SV Hemmingstedt. Petra Bojens

It was a very good one with each other and a lot of how to do it, describes the impartial. It was not always like that. This game was an exception. Overall, the referees in football will be a lot of low respect, the 76-year-old. That less and fewer people want to take over the office of the referee, judges can quite understand and recognizes a tremendous sympathy problem. I understand that the young people simply do not want to expect the disrespectfulness that one experiences as referees. With each decision, you will be fuzzy. In the men s area it is the players, at the juniors the parents. Lack of respect was ultimately crucial for judges career ends. After being stamped in a women s district league game as a blind , was over. The lack of sympathy to impartial meets in judges at understanding, especially because referees are an indispensable part of football. We re all sitting in a boat. If this gets a leak, we go under together, judge replies the Pöbelienen against impartial.

We are all sitting in a boat. If this gets a leak, we go under.

Boje Richter (76)

Behind the whole action Oliver Günter put, chairman of the referee committee Kfv West Coast. Günther, who is still working as a referee, was the steady decline in operational referees a mandrel in mind, since the ignition idea came: Otherwise, we have been able to generate about 30 to 40 newcomers per year through posters and various info events. Because We had to rely on online advertising due to Corona, but it was only 13th in the past year, but for this reason we considered how we could draw attention to this problem throughout Germany. Suddenly the idea came to us with the three Ü-70 referees describes Günther and executes that, above all, the age group between 35 and 40 were heavily understaffed. Of the 240 referees on the west coast, only six who correspond to the desired age of 35. Another 42 would be between 30 and 40, the remainder either much older or younger. But why just 35? At this age, many have just stopped football playing and usually bring a lot of experience. In addition, they have a much better sense for, for example, dead positions and can dissipate into the players, said the chairman of the referee committee.

As reasons why a few referees are currently available at this age, Günther calls, among other things, the longer-lasting active time of players. Nowadays, many would end their career in old men s teams instead of thinking about the role as a referee, the chairman of the referee committee. In addition, the topic of violence and disrespect for impartial, which provides for deterrence in Germany. But how do you now resist the personnel deficiency? Sympathy for the referee job would be a start, says Günther s wish.