The Application Shop is an app shop system, developed and also preserved by Apple Inc., for mobile apps on its iphone and iPadOS running systems. The shop permits users to search and download and install applications created within Apple s iOS Software application Advancement Package. Apps can be downloaded on the iPhone, iPod Touch, or the iPad, and some can be moved to the Apple Watch smartwatch or 4th-generation or newer Apple TVs as expansions of apple iphone applications.
The Application Shop was opened up on July 10, 2008, with a first 500 applications offered. The number of applications peaked at around 2.2 million in 2017, however declined a little over the next few years as Apple started a procedure to eliminate old or 32-bit applications that do not work as desired or that do not follow current app guidelines. As of 2020, the shop includes around 1.8 million applications.
While Apple touts the function of the App Store in producing new work in the app economic climate and asserts to have paid over $155 billion to developers, the App Shop has likewise brought in criticism from developers and also government regulators that it runs a syndicate which Apple s 30% cut of revenues from the shop is excessive.

[Data provided: Cook Apps]

\ – Cook Apps Game Title After 19 years since only 2 years, the accumulated 200 million downloads are accumulated in the world

\ – Global Global Games Released 130 countries, up to 1010 million downloads

\ – Domestic awareness under overseas market flags. Prior to the disclosure, the corporate value improvement and the company promotional 격 격

Global Casual Games Developers Cook Apps said that the game that is being service in its service has created a new record that achieves a total of 200 million people achievements in the world s cumulative users in just two years since 19 years.

In addition, the Global Games Series is a recent downloading of 100 million exceeding the recent global market performance, and plans to enhance the corporate value to enhance the core talent recruitment in the fourth quarter. I said today.

As a casual game expert established in 2010, Cook App is a professional developer, as a professional developer, to launch and service over 100 different games based on accumulated know-how and technology during 11 years of history, It is a company you are doing.

In particular, the series has a coin collected in the process of solving match 3 puzzles, and a new customized house with a customized house, which has recently exceeded a single title Global 30 million downloads, including It became a Stadies title where 120 million downloads and 700,000 users in the world were connected every day.

In addition to this recent, North America and the European casual game market, Wonder Mug Puppet, Sunny House>, is released in the Hot Genre, and the is launched, and the cumulative user is more than 3 million. , Such as the RPG genre challenge the genre, North America and the European market beyond the European market and are also popular in the Asian market.

The company moved to the New Frontier strategy to pioneer North America and the European game market that has had a barrier that has not even tried even more than the domestic game market. And a major success factor that was a timely launch of a timely game that sniped the European user s appetite.

The popularity of Cook Apps game that extends into North America, Europe, and Asian regions is positively linked to the financial performance of the enterprise. Cook Apps have recorded sales profit of W38.2bn and 13.7 billion won in 20020, and this year, this year, in 3Q09, the Year of the year,

Cook Apps officials set up a new record that the user who enjoys recent Cook Apps game is a 200 million in two years. I am preparing a variety of actions, such as a large-scale talent adoption, so that it is a positive index that I am receiving a lot of love for users, and to make better games in 2022.

But, all the capabilities are concentrated in the overseas market, and I think that the domestic awareness of Cook App is relatively undervalued. I explained that good talents are interested in the company and expanding the company s value and expanding their business value and expanding.