Horizon Forbidden West will soon see you the continuation of the extremely successful Open World Adventure Horizon Zero Dawn. The Developer Team of Guerrilla has now given a deeper insight into the development of the game and more precisely in the Evolution Aloys.

The information comes from a long article in the PlayStation Blog. In this talk several people from the studio about how they have developed Aloy for the successor.

Aloy has more details than ever, thanks to PS5

In the article Lead Character Artist Bastien Ramisse talks about how important the PS5 was in the development of the game, even if Horizon Forbidden West continues to appear for PS4. Thanks to the higher performance and optical standards of the studio, more details and thus more authenticity can be achieved.

Each generation of consoles brings more power and allows us to add more denser polygons to the character models. So we can give the textures of finer details and achieve a higher degree of reality loyalty. Not only the visual aspects benefit from the new PlayStation 5 hardware, but We were also able to increase the number of joints in skeletons in the game, which brings face expressions and deformations to a very different level and make characters more credible.

Closeup of the protagonist: Aloy already had a very distinctive appearance in the first part, which has already provided before release for many cosplays. This also shows the new detail recordings of Aloy, on which the face and the hair are shown for the perfect aloy look in the smallest detail:

All who want to make a cosplay of Aloy get a new guidance for costumes from Guerrilla and what they care about.

As bastes declared, the team has already noticed during the development of Zero Dawn that they have not exhausted the whole potential of the PS4 and now benefit from the successor. Realism and the quality of the character models will also be improved on the PS4:

The biggest difference and an improvement for Aloy, which relates to technology, is the improved recording accuracy of its facial expressions and body movements. This allows us more realistic forms and surface details on characters and their hand-made and used clothing.

Aloy also develops in history

At the beginning, Aloy is an outsider expelled from her tribe. But still, she sets out on a journey to save the world. She gets to know allies and can in the end also enlighten their own past. She is from the infringed one of the best machine hunters.

More Character Development in Forbidden West: But Aloy s journey is not yet finished. Because it should travel to the borderland in the west in the successor to stop infection that spreads slowly. What happens between the two games in the six months is explained in the comics of Titan.

Your trip in the West, according to the Narrative Director Ben McCaw, be based on that Aloy still sees himself as an outsider, even if it helps others:

She feels very connected with those who suffer, and has a huge drive to punish her powerful oppressors. Although she has closed friendships during her journey, she still feels like an outsider. To tell the truth: she has also no real home. These aspects of your character will be further explored as it goes to the mysterious border area of ​​Forbidden West.

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Horizon Forbidden West was developed for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 at the same time. Therefore, both versions of the game after a shift finally appear on February 18, 2022.

Are you looking forward to the more detailed face of Aloy? On which platform you Forbidden West plays: PS4 or PS5 ?