Horizon: Zero Dawn caught the attention of the community with a proposal that mixed dinosaurs-machine with a natural ecosystem in which the human being still lived in tribes. But, part of the personality of the game came with aloy , a protagonist who became the pariah of her tribe to become the hope of all. An argument line that excited many players, and that guerrilla aims to continue to expand in Horizon: Forbidden West through Most detailed modeling that will quickly immerse us in Aloy s adventure.

Horizon: Forbidden West will have contoured softened and finer texture details, among other things because, as explained Ben McCaw, narrative guerrilla director, on the PlayStation blog, the new generation of consoles has A great potential To include more dense polygons and, therefore, create very detailed characters: So we can create more delicate details such as facial hair, contoured softened, or finest texture details and more expression materials Suitable, to name a few .

But not everything ends here, since, as expected, the new consoles also allow an important leap in terms of facial animation : We have also increased the number of skeletal joints to bring deformations and facial expressions to A new level to create a more credible and immersive character performance. So, in summary accounts, and as we have seen in Horizon s trailers: Forbidden West, we will have the opportunity to see Aloy more real than ever .

The PS4 version of Horizon: Forbidden West will not be compromised However, this is not reduced only to PS5, since from Guerrillas they say that, with everything and this, the Horizon version: Forbidden West for PS4 It will not be compromised : We have really developed and tested play simultaneously on PS4 and PS5, because we consider that it is very important that we as a study, ensure that PS4 players can have an equally immersive experience.

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In short, the new generation of consoles is a great opportunity for guerrillas to continue exploring new artistic aspects that allow observing greater realism in their adventures. Something that, in addition, is achieved thanks to his experience in Aloy s first installment: With our knowledge of Horizon: Zero Dawn, we knew that we still had several unexplored resources that could be pushed forward the realism and the quality of our Characters ; It s great that we now be able to take advantage of those knowledge and experience for the sequel.

But Horizon: Forbidden West will not improve Aloy only in her artistic design, but will also take advantage of the new adventure of the protagonist to to deepen her personality of her. In this sense, and since the event events will happen only six months after the first installment, Aloy will experience meetings with different tribes, new traveling companions and multiple difficulties that will expand everything we know about her behavior her.

Although it has made many friends in their adventures, it is still feeling a Ben McCaw stranger, narrative guerrilla director because, after all, Aloy contains a personality that has been molded around its surroundings , Both because he is removed from his tribe and by the dangerous lifestyle that has been forced to carry. For this reason, Ben McCaw, narrative guerrilla director, considers Aloy has a unique perspective of the world that will continue to be exploited in Horizon: Forbidden West : Although it has made many friends in their adventures, it is still feeling a stranger, And the truth is that she does not have a real home. These aspects of her personality will be deeply explored while venturing at the mysterious border of Forbidden West.

So, in short, Horizon: Forbidden West proposes an adventure that will give us the opportunity to see new facets in the behavior of Aloy, as well as to delight us with the realistic design of the protagonist and Its surroundings, something that is perfectly seen in aquatic scenes. To enjoy all this, we will only have to wait until February 18, 2022 and have a PS4 or PS5. So far, we already know that Horizon: Forbidden West has special editions and collectors that will fascinate every lover of the saga . In addition, and After some controversy in networks , Sony confirmed that the PS4 to PS5 update will be free for the game.