In maths, a portion (from Latin per centum by a hundred ) is a number or proportion revealed as a portion of 100. It is typically represented making use of the percent sign, % , although the acronyms pct. , pct and also in some cases computer are also used. A percent is a dimensionless number (pure number); it has no system of dimension.

Although WoW patch 9.2 is not to be seen on the horizon and we can look forward to Update 9.1.5 anyway, you have the feeling that patch 9.1 increases slowly to its end. Korthia attracts less players day after day, the corridors in Torghast also refuse to and gradually and also the current raid of sanctum of domination is in his final life cycle. So we reach the period in which we can count on regular Nerfs so that stumble guilds can still send one or the other boss into the dust. Because Item upgrades are now gradually become more and more rarer, so Blizzard has to help.

Another round of these big Nerfs we already see with the start of the upcoming ID. There are a whole series of mythical bosse attenuated. Among other things Sylvanas himself, but also Kel thuzad, the fate writer or our favorite boss, the suffering.

Here are the patch notes translated by us – the adjustments to the bosses all come into force only to the change of the ID in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Dungeons and battles

Sanctum of the rule
The distance between the gaps in the spikes of the intermediate phase was reduced (mythical only).
Note of the developers: The distance between the safe places should be above all constant.
The regular damage from shaded steel chains was reduced by 15 percent (mythical only).
Dest of fate raw kalo
The position of the runes was adapted to solve much more often by rotation in a clockwise direction and more rarer counterclockwise must be rotated (heroic and normal).
The time until the runes must be shot, has been extended: 10 seconds in the LFR and on normal, 5 seconds in heroic mode.
Kel thuzad
The life points of Kel thuzad were reduced by 5 percent (mythical only).
The life points of Rest of Kel thuzad were reduced by 20 percent (mythical only).
The life points of unstoppable montrosity were reduced by 20 percent (mythical only).
The lifestyles of soul shops were reduced by 20 percent (mythical only).
The initial damage of frozen destruction was reduced by 40 percent (mythical only).
Regular damage of frozen destruction was reduced by 10 percent and shortened the duration of 10 to 8 seconds. (Mythical only).
An error has been fixed, where Kel thuzad has worked for howling blizzard further skills (mythical).
Howling Blizzard now causes rising damage during action (mythical only).
Themes of the developers: After the strategy of many groups in mythical mode is that you have long pauses in order to meet Cooldowns, we considered how we could prevent it. Because it s frustrating and no beautiful gaming experience. But the degree of difficulty of the boss should not be changed as far as possible. Internally, we have tested some things, for example, a reset of all cooldowns in the intermediate phases, but caused for extreme imbalance between classes. With the current changes we want to prevent your long time to do nothing, but in return but the heavy jobs significantly weaken. This will hopefully no longer need the long break within the fight.
Sylvana s wind runners
The life points of dominance arrow were reduced by 15 percent (mythical only).
Dark Guard s life points were reduced by 15 percent (mythical only).
The runtime of curse of inertia was reduced from 6 to 4 seconds (mythical only).
The damage of detonation (ball of decay) was reduced by 10 percent (mythical only).
The radius of veils of darkness during Phase 2 was reduced from 15 to 12 meters (mythical only).
The inevitable damage of anger of the Banshee was reduced by 15 percent (mythical only).
The damage of blades of the Banshee, heartpersucher of the Banshee and heart-picker of the forest runner was reduced by 8 percent (mythical).
An error has been fixed, by the ruin unintentionally caused no damage.
The necrotic swine
Surgeon meat seam
An error has been fixed, when meat seam creation did not stack his damage.
An error has been fixed in which every now and then two of meat seams creations were called in very fast.


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