Taking the knee (or taking a knee) is a symbolic gesture against racism where a specific kneels upon one knee in place of standing to attention for an anthem or other such occasion. It was stemmed by American football gamer Colin Kaepernick on September 1, 2016, in protest versus the absence of focus offered to the concerns of racial inequality and authorities brutality in the USA. Kaepernick s demonstration led to a broader series of national anthem protests. It has actually given that been embraced by sporting activities players in countries across the globe, including soccer in the United Kingdom, in solidarity with Kaepernick s objection against racism, as well as has actually been seen worldwide in non-sporting contexts such as the Black Lives Matter objections.

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The clear success in Straelen left Münster in the Regionalliga West on cloth to eat to leader red-white food, but the 4-0 had a very bitter taste from the point of view of the Prussia. Because the fears have confirmed, power carrier Daube has suffered a heavy knee injury.

As the traditional association reported on Monday, the diagnosis is: Cruciate ligament tear in the left knee. In a two-fight early in the second round, the former first (13 missions), second (149) and third-league profi (21) had twisted the knee and had to support after a long treatment break only supported by the field and then with the wearer in the cabin to be brought. A MRI examination brought clarity to the day.

A real shock for us

The news is of course a real shock for us. Dennis is with its quality and experience a very important player who always goes with performance and where all players can orientate , sports director Peter Niemeyer commented the message. Especially this year he has brought outstanding achievements and was a cornerstone in our game. To replace it will be a very difficult task. But now we will be there for Dennis and wish him – I speak in the name of the whole SC Prussia – Only the best and optimal healing process.

Farrona Pulido also falls out

Daubes Teammollege Manuel Farrona Pulido, who initiated the victory in Straelen by free-kick gate, had to be replaced shortly before the break. How hard the muscle injury is, a MRI examination will result on Wednesday.