Although Sony insisted that the PlayStation 5 represents a new generation, yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase revealed that some of the biggest strippers of the new console would also be on PS4. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is part of these titles that we thought previously to be PS5 exclusives, arriving on PS4 the same day as the launch of the PS5. While the output date of Horizon Forbidden West of Guerrilla is more distant in 2021, does this PS5 title in open world are still available for the current PlayStation console?

The officially confirmed PlayStation blog that Horizon Forbidden West will have a PlayStation 4. Guerrilla version also relayed the same news on its Twitter account. This information was not present in the video PlayStation Showcase and was rather a footnote that observers slowly noticed later in the day. Those who have invested in Aloy’s story after playing Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 can continue on the same platform.

This suite will always enjoy the hardware features of the PS5 – the SSD will allow faster loading times, and the Dualsense controller will offer a unique experience that the PS4 will not. Yet the PlayStation fans may fear that Horizon Forbidden West retains the game from a technical point of view, because the game is still developing with both platforms in mind. Anyway, it’s good news for PS4 owners who can hesitate to buy the PS5 for one reason or another.

Fortunately for these people, the purchase of the PS4 version will allow them to benefit from a free upgrade to the PS5 version, if they ended up buying a PS5 on the whole line. The digital version of Horizon Forbidden West will include a free upgrade, while the disc version will provide a free upgrade for the owners of the PS5 disk drive model.