Game status is Sony’s regularly planned LiveStream Show, called the platform holder as a recurring event. The show will return this week on 27 May with a focus on Horizon Forbidden West.

When is the LiveStream to the state of Things of Sony PlayStation?

Sony has announced that the next state of play is going to take place 27 . May 2021 . A complete breakdown of the time zones can be found below:

Thursday, May 27th 2021

North America: 2:00 pm PDT / 3:00 pm MDT / 4:00 pm CDT / 5 pm EDT
UK / IRE: 22:00 BST
Europe: 11pm Mesz / 12 o’clock EEST
Asia / Oceania: 6 o’clock JST / 5 o’clock August / 7 o’clock Aest

Where can you see the next LiveStream for the PlayStation status of Sony PlayStation?

The corresponding links allow you to view the next status on Sony’s official YouTube and Twitch accounts. We bring you here the current state of things square , together with live chat and reaction.

What games are displayed or announced during the current status?

Sony has stated that this status will focus on Horizon Forbidden West, the upcoming continuation of Guerilla’s Lover Open World Action Roleplay. You can assume that about 14 minutes gameplay material can be seen during the transfer.

How long does the state of things take?

The Gameplay demo of Horizon Forbidden West will take about 14 minutes, but the program will take a total of about 20 minutes, Sony said.

Are you looking forward to the next State of Play Livestream? What do you hope for the presentation? Create in the comments below.