Update 8.8 (PS4 V 11.91) is there for , and here the complete list of changes and corrections is added with this patch.

Hi-Rez has solved various problems in Smite with this update and added a lot of content to the game. The Content Drop includes 4 new skins, upgrading for the Sundering Ax, changes to the Fighters Mask.

Here is the complete list of fixes and changes that come to Smite:

New skins

  • Senko Sage Anubis
  • Silver Ball Tsukuyomi
  • Date door Janus
  • Neon Shifter Sun Wukon


Fighter mask

  • Fighter Mask is a staple food of the solo lane. The strong clarity in combination with the delay of your starter choice brings a unique flexibility that most of our solo laners seem to enjoy. However, we want to make sure other routes are practicable, so we check the adaptation of the Fighter’s Mask together with its strongest pairing. Smiling ax. Our goal is to maintain this strategy as a practicable and interesting option, but to mitigate, so that other builds get their chance in the spotlight.
  • Physical force from 35 to 30. reduced
  • Magic force from 65 to 60. reduced

Separating ax (upgrade)

  • Sundering Ax allows warriors in the late game a strong mixture of bursting pressure, additional sustain and strong resilience, which makes this choice incredibly strong. Reducing the base should bring this upgrade to a solid place.
  • Reduces the base bonus damage of the passive item from 5% to 3% of the current health of the target
    • (2% of the scaling of the owner protection is unchanged)

Soul Gem

  • The power, usefulness and survival of soul gem make it a strong core in the current magician builds. We reduce the healing explosion that this item offers to mitigate the aspect of survivability.
  • The healing by the passive capability of the item was reduced from 40% of your magical force scaling to 30%.


  • Ichaival Rush has become the first choice and it is easy to understand why. With our Mid Season Update we expected that items like ichaival were expected to play more, as they did not have to compete with boots and this was a strong source of attack speed for hunters. In this step-off world, the raw values ​​of this item are too strong and therefore we reduce the passive theft of this item.
  • The increase in force due to the passive capability of this item was reduced from 15 to 10 per stack


  • The sheet meta was largely made possible by the combination of ichaivals of high power, but also the raw attack speed Odyssey bow, which works with this force. In the long run, a reduction in the attack speed of this item will help to insert healthier in builds. and shortly reduce the crude effectiveness of the current sheet constructions.
  • Attack speed of 40% to 30% reduced

empty sign

  • Junglers will experience a large number of adjustments in 8.9, with the aim of returning the damage-oriented assassins as a strong option compared to Tanky Warriors. Void Shield is a central enabler of the tanker game style. As a hybrid item, he offered too much defense, which made it difficult for more harmful to damage-focused assassins to struggle effectively.
  • Physical protection from 60 to 45. reduced

Stone cutting sword

  • Stone Cutting Sword made it similar to some tank warns in a similar way to strengthen their defense and limit the possibility that assassins can hurt damage. Similar to Void Shield, the focus is on reducing the protection offered.
  • The Passive Item Physical Protection Buff was reduced from 7 to 5 per stack (from a total of 21 to 15).
  • The shredder debuff of physical protection does not change (stays at 7 per stack)

winged blade

  • Winged Blade is the last item that rounds the Tanky Jungler Changes. For his prize, it was easy to efficient and fit well to improve the already tanker statistics of a warrior anyway.
  • Health from 250 to 200. reduced


CharybdischaryBdis was a swirl of feedback for smite! From their unique strengths and weaknesses, we expect the players to learn how they can use them over time, and as such, it will probably rise without great interventions in the profit rate. For this reason, we are currently focusing on fixing core defects and problems that hinder your gameplay. For ahead, we will check if you need additional buffs after players have achieved additional championship with this goddess.

  • A problem has been resolved through which they did not receive the intended movement speed of their ability vortex
  • More bug fixes are planned for the main patch version – see section BUG Fix the update notes

Gilgameshgilgamesh continues its strong commitment in Smite and shows that our Nerfs do not hit the black. Winds of Shamash is a powerful teamfight ultimate that deserves a longer cooldown and a reduction in the ability to enclose people in it. Dropkick’s high scaling enabled brutal and offensive builds that enabled him to really tyrannize his opponents and quickly kill Squishies. Finally, Hero’s Advance creates a large field of movement that makes it really possible to follow his team everywhere. These strengths are all reduced.

Winds of Schamash

  • Reduces the windwall slowdown from 50/55/60/65/70% to 50% on all ranks
  • Increases the cooldown of 90 to 110s


  • The scaling of the physical force of the first hit was reduced by 50 to 40%.
  • The scaling of the physical force of the burst hit was reduced by 55 to 45%.

Hero’s Advance

  • The visibility in which allies are reinforced was from 150 to 110. reduced

Morgan Le Faydie dark magic has continued to woven her powerful seals. The frequency with which you can get your damage and your control can be combined with the safety of healing from your ultimate, it can make it difficult to approach. We compensate for these Nerfs with a boost to a less used seal; Soul. The clone will now survive longer and cause more damage during its lifetime.


  • Increased cooldown from 12s to 13s
  • The HP of the clone was increased from 10% from Morgan to 30%.
  • The power of the clone was increased from 50% from Morgan to 75%.

Gorge of wild fires

  • Increases the cooldown of 13s to 14s

Consumer energy

  • Health healing per hit of 6/8/10/12/14% to 6/7/8/9/10%

OSIRISTEHE BROKEN ONE has made everyone in the last patches to his name and show himself as a very strong warrior. Sickle Strike and Spirit Flail provide a constant pressure that can be overwhelming; Especially from the front. The additional seconds we add should offer to breathe in the fight against Osiris.

sickle strike

  • Increased cooldown of 5s to 6s

Ghost Flail

  • Increased cooldown of 10s to 11s

Persephone in the revision of Persephone we have watched exactly where she would fall overall. Since then, their total statistics and their banerrate have remained high, but are much closer to a healthy area. A reduction in the flower speed and the basic damage will make your less thorn in mind and move it to a balanced point.


  • Reduce the flow of movement of flowers by 10%
  • Damage through flower bite reduced from 40/80/120/160/200 to 40/75/110/145/180

Yemojayemoja has remained one of the most competitive gods this season. River’s Rebuke has the potential to cleave teams and form the fight of fighting. For something so strong, especially if the rest of your kit is controlled by an expert, a longer cooldown feels appropriate. In addition, we remove the healing bonus in Smite, which is granted through its healing automatic attacks. This is an additional source of your strength, which you believe you do not have to bring into a team to be effective.


  • Remove 10% additional healing buff, which you can apply from normal attacks

Rebuke of the river

  • Increases the cooldown of 120s to 140s

Ymirymir said Ajax No! No Nerfs more for Ymir! Ymir makes mickal gods cold! Too cold to hurt Ymir and Ymir’s friends! Frozen in place! Well, Ymir is still picked up. To the right?


  • Reduces the damage reduction debuff that Ymir exercises on enemies, from 15% to 10%

Smite is available for free download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Available steam, and Nintendo Switch.

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