A ps5 upgrade to Horizon Forbidden West was originally only owners’ inside of the Collector’s Edition and the more expensive Regalla Edition without additional costs. If you get the standard version or even the Special Edition for PS4, would probably have been asked to check out again at a later date to upgrade to the PS5 version or may not have been able to upgrade.

Sony only answers: After Sony has been pointed out by the community that PlayStation boss Jim Ryan had promised a free PS5 upgrade for Horizon Forbidden West, the company rudded back. The PS5 version of the game is now available without additional costs for all who own Fobidden West on the PS4 (via PlayStation Blog). But then it is concluded.

No more free PS5 upgrades

Specifically, Jim Ryan announces in the blog entry that Sony will demand ten dollars after the release of Horizon Forbidden West for each PS5 upgrade of a First Party Title. Probably it will be ten euros with us. Here is the statement of the PlayStation boss:

I would also like to confirm that exclusive First Party Cross Gen Title (New Releases on PS4 and PS5) – Digital and Disk – In the future, a digital upgrade option from PS4 to PS5 will be included for $ 10. This applies to The next God of War and Gran Turismo 7 […].

Is that justified? Ultimately, everyone has to decide. PS5 title costs basically ten euros more, but also provide better dissolution, textures and frame rate. The generally rising costs for game production can also have a share of the higher prices.

Of course, Sony also benefits from bringing Horizon Forbidden West and other titles at all for PS4. At least the PS5 update for Horizon Zero Dawn was still free.

Why is that so important? As long as Sony can not provide enough playstation 5 consoles to use high demand, some players are grabbing the PS4 versions, even though they prefer to gamble titles on a PS5 . Accordingly painful it may be for many, in retrospect again to reduce money, if you finally have the new hardware and want to upgrade your titles.

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There is another way

Without wanting to hear a console war, you have to acknowledge that Microsoft here is clearly friendly to us consumers. Thanks to Smart Delivery, we can play our Xbox games on an Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and even a PC. Scores are taken without problems and there are no extra costs for an upgrade.

What do you think about Sony’s upgrade policy?