SIE was (Bobin West) with a PS5 paid upgrade policy in two days.

SIE Jim Ryan said on September 4, with his own official blog. Related controversy is that the SIE discloses special editions such as the collection of , and the PS4 version can be played on the PS5, but it starts to purchase digital deluxe, collectors, or Regala Edition done.

SIE said that the general edition, special edition buyer does not support dual entitlement.

In other words, it is said that the user who purchased the general edition with the PS4 version is that it must be a separate amount of digital deluxe version of the PS5 version of over 80,000 won separately, and it is not possible to purchase additional amounts and can not be upgraded to the upper edition.

The user has been released after 2-day related content was released. In addition, smart delivery compared to Xbox, which is free to upgrade the next generation of versions for free, he blame Sony’s policy. For reference, the special edition is $ 79.99 (about 92,500 won), the collector edition is $ 199.99 (about 231,300 won), and the Regala Edition is $ 259.99 (about 300,000 won).

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In fact, the free upgrade discontinuation was started at .

SIE supported free updates to users who play on PS5 titles as PS4 titles as Xbox. However, I launched the DLC of , and began to support PS5 updates to pupils and paid.

At that time, such controversy did not occur, but I decided to release it in earnest in and bought them to users. Snowy Virtual Collector Edition, Regalla Edition is a download version without a disk. For disk ownership, it was reaping and accusing the general edition to buy additional burdens.

On September 4, SIE, which was controversy, SIE left the remarks of Jim Ryan representative on the official blog.

Jim Ryan said, On the past 2 days, was a pre-celebration event to launch February 18, 2022. But he had a controversy and he missed the goal set in his own.

Then, Last year we promised to provide free upgrades for the generation of generation games, including . This will be maintained, and is also a PS4 version It will be free to upgrade.

But is probably the last PS4 game that is free to upgrade. Because Jim Ryan reveals the related content and has released additional policies.

Jim Ryon is a monopoly crosse title (both games, digital, and disk editions released on PS4, PS5, PS4), and $ 10 (about 11,000 won) to upgrade to PS4 in PS4. I said.

This is equivalent to all monopoly crosstall titles launched by , and SIE.