The littoral fight ship (LCS) is a collection of 2 courses of fairly tiny surface vessels designed for operations near coast by the United States Navy. It was envisioned to be a networked, nimble, stealthy surface contender capable of defeating anti-access as well as crooked threats in the littorals. Littoral combat ships approach the corvettes found in various other navies.The Freedom course and the Independence course are the first 2 LCS versions. Each is somewhat smaller sized than the U.S. Navy’s Oliver Threat Perry-class frigate yet larger than Cyclone-class patrol ships. Each has the capacities of a small assault transportation, including a trip deck and also garage for housing 2 SH-60 or MH-60 Seahawk helicopters, a demanding ramp for running little watercrafts, as well as the cargo volume as well as payload to provide a little attack pressure with battling automobiles to a roll-on/roll-off port center. Standard armaments consist of Mk 110 57 mm guns and RIM-116 Moving Airframe Missiles. They are likewise outfitted with self-governing air, surface, and also undersea vehicles. Having reduced air defense as well as surface warfare capacities than destroyers, the LCS concept stresses speed, adaptable mission modules and also a superficial draft.
The first littoral fight ship, USS Liberty, was appointed on 8 November 2008 in Expert’s Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The second ship, the trimaran USS Independence, was appointed on 16 January 2010, in Mobile, Alabama. In 2012, CNO Jonathan W. Greenert specified that the LCS would certainly be deployed to Africa in location of destroyers and cruisers. In 2013 and also 2014, the Navy’s demand for LCS ships was considerably cut from 55 to 32 vessels in support of a recommended frigate, even more qualified of high strength fight. In late 2014, the Navy proceeded with a procurement prepare for enhanced versions of the LCS and also updated older ships to satisfy the program’s 52-ship requirement; the changed LCS will certainly be redesignated as FF or frigate. In December 2015, Secretary of Protection Ashton Carter purchased the Navy to decrease planned LCS and also FF procurement from 52 to 40, as well as downselect to one variant by FY 2019. In July 2017, the Navy launched an ask for information for a brand-new multi-mission guided-missile frigate that can do the very same duties as the LCS while having better offending and also protective capacities. Almost any type of existing style that can be adjusted to FFG(X) requirements can be thought about, expanding beyond variations of the two LCS hulls.

2013 was the year marked by Riot Games , the creators of League of Legends, to completely remodel its competitive scene in the West taking advantage of the boom that the game had had during the past campaign. In such a way, on February 7, 2013 began Both the League of Legends Championship Series European and La North American , competitions called to professionalize the scene on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

From that moment a calendar was adopted that divided the natural year into two regular seasons of just a few months with its corresponding playoffs by the title and phases of ascent and descent. A quick format and will leave space so that at the end of the year the tournament tournament could be disputed: Worlds .

The Solomonic Solution

However, there was a space between the two splits, as it was agreed to call these two seasons within the same year. Those weeks of paron took advantage of a separation as festive as solemn: a weekend of the stars. In the style of the NBA, Fans would select the All-Stars who would represent each of the conferences ; Although with the particularity that in that first edition it would be counted on a quintet for each of the five major existing regions in 2013 : China, South Korea, Southeast Asia and the two LCS.

China welcoming an international League of Legends event for the first time in its history, a key region years later with several Worlds Champions teams, in what would be a perfect occasion for the international expansion of professional video game competitions. The word of the fans would be the one who decided the selected names, but there was a problem at the position of European Superior Street.

The Frenchman of Fnatic Paul soaz Boyer and the Danish of Evil Geniuses Mike Wickd Petersen had received a similar amount of votes, and they were tied in the first position of said role * *. Both militated in first level teams, they had a lot of charisma and fulfilled at the talent level to represent Europe in the First Edition of the All-Star. So they arrived at a salomonic solution able to end with the democratic block imposed by fans: Get it to one against one **.


As two stars of the NBA playing the pass to the Star Party in the street style at the Rucker Park of New York, SOAZ and WICKD were played in an individual duel . This fact as organic as surprising also counted with the facilities of the digital world, being retransmitted by the WICKD itself on its Twitch channel. Lolesports, Riot Games arm for League of Legends competitions diligently acted and began to promote this improvised tournament.

The format was simple: The first to end your rival earned a point, and the first to add three, I would go to Shanghai to play the All-Star.

SOAZ started playing dirty when using Teemo , a kind of mammal with a poisonous cerbhatana who could blind over the rival, while Wickd opted for a very complex character mechanically as Riven . Luck smiled at Danish who ended up with Fnatic still without being able to hit basic attacks because of the happy blindness. SoAz would match the duel with a classic champion on his closet background as it is Kennen , but it would be against the ropes by risking a Wukong that did not give a scratch to Jayce by Wickd .

With 2-1 for Evil Geniuses, SOAZ continued using nothing common champions in the role of it and opted for a canonic shooter like Draven . The French Polivalence made Wickd could not do anything inside the game and see the tie in front of him. It seemed as if someone had written a script ** in which there was room for the comeback, surprises and up to a fifth match.

The Wickd channel achieved at that time a historical top of spectators on a channel belonging to a particular user. 140,000 people were pending the definitive duel that was going to decide which of the two European players would represent their region. And with so many eyes on his mouse, soaz made use of all the skills of _theorycrafter of him to give something that even Riot Games would weaken because of this game: Nunu .

Nunu was not a particularly strong champion, nor mechanically demanding . Everything that this Yeti was doing was hitting blows with his arms, eating neutral monsters to heal and throw an ice ball. He traditionally used as a jungle, to have that bite to take neutral objectives, but soaz thought that with that great healing and a skill as simple as that frozen rock, he was enough to win. The transition to the digital of the coders on the low pole, grips in the corner kick or the stamps in the mesés.

And it worked. It was not the most elegant or honorable, but SoAz managed to take the duel against Wickd and was part of the first European team to play an All-Star. Today, the video and expression of the Danish on the webcam of him can be consulted when fighting an immortal keti well are history of street lol