Our colleagues of FAMITSU have profit from the absence of our national Roman to unveil all new game sequences of Lost Judgment, following the first prime (you have?), who could unfortunately conclude a little too quickly The new series of Toshihiro Nagoshi .

with or without teeth, your coffee?

It is before a sign all that there is more Franponaise that we find the ex-tenor of the bar reconverted in shock investigator, struggling with some malfrats who still have the presence of spirit of Wear a mask, in good respectful citizens of others. The opportunity was all found to test the resistance of the surrounding furniture on the local scum, without drilling the mystery of these Hakumen that will inevitably think of a Blazblue fighter …


A transition later, we are rendered in full race-pursuit on the Yokohama side, Yagami does not hesitate to play the Messi to try to stop his suspect, obviously presumed innocent. It is finally on the ring that this session is concluded by twenty minutes, and the results of a serious training thus translate directly into the statistics of our local black jacket, which can therefore break even more mouths, and Furniture. But what are the police doing ?

Whether you are Good or BAD COP, Lost Judgment will offer us a small piece of Japan on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and Xbox One on September 24th.