Once again, the gamers look forward to a new release for the PS4. In the third or at the latest fourth quarter of the year 2021, Horizon Forbidden West will be launched on the market. The successor of Horizon Zero Down takes the players with America in the Middle West, with in the post-apocalypse. The game designed in the third-person perspective should be available for PS4 and the PS5. However, with a little delay, however known at the end of July. The release should be delayed until at least before Christmas 2021.

The journey in the game leads directly to the 31st century. During this time, sometimes you mention yourself when you wait forever forever until a casino payout is fast. But fortunately, this is not always the case. Online casinos are anxious to keep your customers with a mood with ever faster payouts, for example with crypto currencies. And now it comes with Horizon Forbidden West again new entertainment for the PlayStation on the market, so it will hopefully not only online in the casino, but also offline on the console there will be neatly something new to gambling.

Explore the US otherwise

Who thinks of California, Nevada and Utah, probably has a holiday before his spiritual eye. It wave Hollywood, the Monument Valley and the sparkling and luminous casinos and hotels on the Strip of Las Vegas. But in this game it’s about anything but a relaxed trip, where you are in time for hours about the Highway Cruist. Rather, you will get to know places like San Francisco or the Yosemite Valley in a very different form. Appekalypse has laid these cities and areas in rubble and ashes. Among the ruins of the cities and the ruins of the sights, it is important to ventilate secrets that are hidden.

At the center of the game is Aloy. The fearless Jäger from the tribe of Nora needs support in its task to protect the few remaining people in the area from all that, which is just attributed to them. It is old friends to find again and be ready for the fight against new enemies at any time. At no time is certainly whether humanity could not be completely extinguished on earth. As particularly dangerous, in the game, the red rot, a disease that really could ensure that on earth will soon no herb and no one grows more.

The danger lurks everywhere

In the world in which Horizon Forbidden West plays, the danger lurks behind every corner and right on the horizon. At any time, new storms can raise or plague humanity haunts. In addition, you can not only do it with living things. Even proper machines seem to wait only to destroy Aloy and their comrades as possible. Actually, it seems like the whole earth had been laid in debris, but find any dark forces that that’s not enough.

A certain martial predisposition does not seem to harm at Horizon Forbidden West. It not only depends on good equipment, but also how to create alliances. The seemingly overpowering enemy can only be defeated when humanity holds together – in louder martially, factions are not an easy task. Unholy alliances are more than just one means of purpose. Rather, they are the key to success and thus the rescue of the earth.

Four years for six months

As already mentioned, Horizon Forbidden West has a well-known predecessor. Horizon Zero Dawn plays in the same area of ​​the planet, also approximately in the 31st century. The very popular game that is very popular for the PS4 is scheduled for about six months before the new title, which will hopefully appear soon. The predecessor was released in 2017 and has since drawn countless players who have been interested in the post-apocalyptic world. Now Horizon Forbidden West brings the experience from the predecessor game to a new level, with a card much more extensive than at Horizon Zero Dawn.

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Compared to its predecessor Sony Horizon Forbidden West has also extended several functions. At the end of May 2021, a first, about 14 minutes long clip appeared in which to recognize which equipment has the main actress Aloy and in which areas they will move. The postmodern equipment allows Aloy to analyze your surroundings much better. At the same time, she can still catapult much better than previously in large heights and spend much more time underwater with a special diving mask. When it comes to spying out an opponent and to ventilate secrets, this is the right way to do so.

In order to be able to assert himself against all the darkest powers and opponents, Aloy can also count on a wide arsenal. The most important part of this arsenal is the spear, which also has its own special features. Special arrows in the quiver, a stone sheathing, anti-tank arms, smoke bombs and a lot more make Aloy almost a woman’s army. And of course, the weapons can also be enhanced, as it belongs to such a game. Only those who pass the time will be able to exist in the infinitely dangerous forbidden West.

Is it still enough for 2021?

Well, Sony has once had the game announced for the third or fourth quarter 2021. But the signs are more likely that it could even be 2022. If that means that the game is still a little better, that’s certainly not a bad thing. The official confirmation from the part of the developer Sony is still out. However, unofficial paths are quite clear signs to the surface that it could take a little longer with Horizon Forbidden West.

While that already speaks an expert in the industry from a release in the new year, others assume that it is likely to go faster. So you read in one or the other well-informed source that the game will appear in good time before Christmas in its final form. Rumors, who has been the extra effort for the PS4, which delayed the game, have been rejected by the responsible persons.