Christian Seifert, Managing Director of DFL, has once again confidentially talked to the professionals and clubs before the start of the new Bundesliga season. With a view to the Corona Pandemic, Seifert appealed in a circular, from which the kicker quotes on Monday, again to the personal responsibility of all responsible persons to endanger the league.

“Everyone is free to do not vaccinate – then the obligation must be associated with the obligation to ensure that you do not infect themselves with the coronavirus as possible,” says it loud Kicker in writing.

It should, so farth, “lie in the common interest, not to endanger the performance of the clubs as an employer and (…) negative influence on the sporting competition in the sense of the solidarity community.”

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In this regard, the DFL boss “mainly within your club continues to seek intensive dialogue in particular with your players, whether and how to deal with the pandemic challenges”.