Last week, Sony was wrapped in a huge controversy after you will reveal that Horizon Forbidden West would not have a free Next-gene improvement after all. The Japanese company repented and just a few minutes ago they said that always yes, all the editions of Horizon Forbidden West in PS4 would offer this improvement at no cost to PS5 . But what will happen to the other games first-party of PlayStation ? Here the official answer.

Through an update in the official blog of PlayStation, Jim Ryan , leader of the PlayStation Studios, shared an announcement in which he explains that, from now on, all the games first-party of the company Lancing for PS4 and PS5 will have improvement next-gene for only $ 10 dollars. This includes the new God of War and great tourism 7.

I want to confirm that from today, the First-Party and Exclusive Titles of PlayStation that launch in PS4 and PS5, both in physical and digital format, will offer a Next-Gen improvement for $ 10 dollars. This applies to the new God of War and Gran Turismo 7, as well as any other Exclusive Cross-gene of PS4 and PS5 published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

It certainly seems that Sony learned his lesson, and with this they will seek to avoid any type of controversy in the future.

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Source: PlayStation