Wandering Wizard is a development team that published Outlaws of the Old West early 2019. Outlaws of the Old West is a survival mmo in which players would manufacture items, would explore and survive in Far West. Wandering Wizard announced its latest project, Expedition Agartha, in a recent trailer. Will this second project improve the first? Only time will tell. Fans may wish Agartha shipping on Steam here. There is no official release date yet for the project.

The Kingdom of Agartha has been a legendary story for some time while the empires have collapsed, the leaders have risen and many wars have been conducted. Many sought the kingdom for various reasons, whether it is glory or wealth. In Agartha Expedition, players need to meet the challenge of surviving shipping. Expedition Agartha is a Pvpve game in the first person where the depths of Agartha will be discovered alone or with friends.

The game offers a ton of features, including the exploration of an island filled with mystery, enemies and booty. Players will engage in fighting involving light attacks, heavy attacks, blockages and dodge. The combat based on skills ensures that every fight is important. The game also includes competitive elements in which to die means that you could lose everything you have won along the way. The high-risk and high-risk reward system will certainly increase adrenaline.

On the basis of the competitive system, players can choose to be mercenaries or flibiders. Flibut trees enter the expedition with low-level equipment without any character progression while the mercenary must bring its own equipment with a quest for quest and competence.

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