In Horizon Forbidden West we can play a game in the game as Aloy against other NPCs. It should be a board game and we already know how it says: Strike. This has betrayed Sony in a FAQ for the various editions of Horizon 2. So we also get in Sonys and Guerrilla’s new blockbuster a mini game as you exist in The Witcher 3 with Gwent or in about any other Open World title.

Horizon Forbidden West gets its own Gwent: Aloy plays the board game Strike

It’s about it: Open Worlds want to be filled and mini games can serve as a pleasant pastime. Whether it’s drinking or dice in AC Valhalla, the poker and domino play in Red Dead Redemption 2 or just Gwent in The Witcher 3. Meanwhile, such side activities are almost already the good sound.

Before it starts: look here again the gameplay to Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon 2 gets strike. The board game was not largely announced, but in some cases in Sony’s up-to-date FAQ to Horizon 2 revealed. There are probably not much information yet, but at least a little bit of something.

What is Strike? At Strike it should be a board game that Aloy can play against NPCs in the world of Horizon Forbidden West. On the board, small figures and sculptures made of wood or metal are used, which are probably modeled above all the robots, which are in the game world.

The whole thing could work approximately like chess or something similar, but we currently know no rules, figures or the like. On the official Sony site, it just means that Aloy can challenge many residents of the game world to a match strike.

More news about HFW:

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  • Expensive Collector’s Edition comes only with download codes instead of discs

The Undercover Announcement The Strike Game is related to the revelation of the various special editions of Horizon Forbidden West. These include partially special strike game figures, which we can then use in the game. This seems to indicate that we can collect different figures in the game.

Do you want such a mini-game in Horizon 2? Do you think that could be the next Gwent?