On January 24, 2020, at which time the fact was produced, we did not know what came over us. I do not even say it for the East Asuntillo de la Pandemic, with which we have been living too long, but rather for a change in a person who has changed that of many others. Of course, we are talking about the vertiginous change in the life of the then Narrator of ESPORTS Basque IBAI LLANAS .

Everyone Saying Goodbye to Christina Mistretta's Request Mode

And is that after the success harvested in some Worlds 2020 where Vistalegre, Spain and the entire world surrendered to the talents of Ibai, 2020 was the year in which he and his friends moved to g2 House To become full-time content creators. Of course, Ibai did not want to cut his ties with electronic sports and, although many do not remember him, he started the summer season 2020 commenting on superliga of lvp .

Although he was not going to narrate many games, he did he want to remain a key actor at the scene and, potentially, to say goodbye to the fans in a final spring mass. But both the growing success of IBAI as a creator of content, and the imminent health alert, made the Basque not ending the season in LVP . And that telematic final, the first of several, nor did it allow us to say goodbye to everyone from Ibai.

never went completely

It is true that IBAI performed the narration of the Worlds 2020 of League of Legends from its channel in Radio mode, and that a few months ago shared a table (at least digital) with the partners of LVP during the Mid Season Invitational of Iceland. But we have not had the possibility to say goodbye to the right way within the Spanish community. And what’s worse, we did not know if we had to say goodbye because he’s gone, or if he has to celebrate that he was still following all these collaborations with the world of League of Legends.

The answer had it last night, at which I was going on a video with the friend of him Gerard Piqué in which the rumors confirmed: they had bought the Plaza de Astralis SB in Superliga. Ibai fulfills a dream that he had for a while, as was to return to electronic sports. And in passing, follow the wake of the former head of him, Carlos Ocelote Rodríguez, of which he was sure he learned a lot during 2020 on how to wear an electronic sports club.

Many may think that the success of KCORP of KAMETO in France is trying to be replicated in Spain by Ibai, but the truth is that Vasco has been tremendously vocal about getting an electronic sports club for a long time. We can think of the LFL team as that definitive mentally pushing, but much more weight has friendship between Piqué and Ibai, as well as its collaboration with the Copa America or at The recent debut of Messi in The PSG .

The circle closes

This fact closes the circle. Ibai returns to electronic sports … but he also could do it as a narrator. According to Riot Games a few weeks ago, changes in the ERL scene could allow co-stream in all leagues. This means that it would be possible for IBAI and the team of it retransmitted its own parties. In this way, all the fans who have been getting the Basque thanks to the charism of him during these months, would return to League of Legends.

Ibai knows that he is there for his talent, his work and the charism of him, but also for that occasion that we all gave him for years to sneak into our houses narrating lol. Now, after triumphing in an almost indescribable way, he believes that it is time to return something to this video game and the fondness that came in first place.