The store in August was the heat of the heat, but not informed the beginning of the autumn rainy season, I could not impress the feeling of walking through the full moisture. Even now, the rainy heavens that seemed to be raining, made the reporter’s body in the day. The game stores that have been covered with the spells are also added to the sluggish of the expectations, and the visitors have decreased, and they can not be a war with the recession.

In fact, August Game Store is an Ailian: Fire Team Elite, Sai Coneys 2, and Kings Bounty 2, and the same as the Phosphorus. Director cuts) have been in the face of the face. As a PS5 only, gamers without a device are laid out, and the next reservation purchase is a rather than to purchase the next reservation, or preheated with the purchase of the main piece.

Samurai, Koys Directory, who is fighting alone against the recession

In the PlayStation Partner Shop, located in an electronic shopping street in front of Yongsan Station, we were able to see Koys Director Cut Poster and Banner from the entrance. This place is where the main work is located every month, and Kohti Director Cut has a main work position in August even in the expansion pack, which is added to some new content on the main piece. Although it was good, I would have been good, but I would have done a shame that I have done in the PS camp. If you are comfortable, you will have to be interested in the original work because of this directory. The burial official said there were visitors who purchased the basic versions that could be driven in the PS4.

The situation of other works except this was not good. Hades was released as a PS5 version and has raised some extent, but it is a game that has been released for a year, and I did not have a lot of people who were looking for the first day. It was a famous game, so I have already played a lot of gamers, and I only see that visitors who wanted to be a PS5 version separately.

Meanwhile, was it a while, aimed at a specific mania? ALIRON: Fire Team Elite and Cottonz 2, and the Kings Bounty 2, which were released just before, did not raise a significant echo. Rather, it was able to hear that the sports-related packages were sold as the remaining of the Tokyo Olympics.

Playstation Domestic Domestic Logue AT Game Direct Play Station Partner Shop Plus, with Koht Director Cut, on September 24, Rost Jersey, which is released on September 24: In September, it is that it has already been on the front of the Lost Jersey, which is already on the front, meaning that there was no game in August.

PS Reservation was able to hear the exciting stories that have been receiving sales, and was about a charging cradle that once had a lack of volume than PS5. A store official said, In the past, when it comes to a machine through a PS5 reservation purchase, it was often a dedicated title and a peripheral device, and a longer a reservation purchase, which is a longer for people in advance I explained it. Then, I naturally have a stock of stocks in the store.

Nintendo Jin, which was a multi-shaft of existing workplace

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Nintendo was also similar to the situation that the new work was not doing this achievement. Located in Yongsan Eye Park Mall, the Restaurant Heroes 3 reservations and Buddy Mission Bonds said that the purchase rate of Buddy Mission Bond was quite low, and the playground officials located in the International Electronics Center also said that they are hard to find out of their news in August. In a playground with the proportion of core users, the Roman Sansi is selling more well with the three remasters.

Still, in the vacation season, the part of the family or couple of couples, the highest cost of CUS, and the Daedin game that can enjoy the Mario Cart 8 Deluxe and Mario Party, has recorded a noticeable sale. It is the first place of floating, and then the forest of the animal, once the weekly BSET product was ranked 2 and 3 times. At the time of a visit, I was pushed to the lower line at the time, but I was also able to confirm that Mario’s popularity is still.

2, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, the legend of Ring Feet and Zelda: Bres of the Wild (Gel Da Geller, Jella, Jelhada) and showed a steady popularity. The officials said, Ring Feat or Just Dance, etc., which can enjoy exercise at home due to Corona 19, especially the gamer ratio to switch to the switch to the corresponding title I overtained the proportion of the user, and now I have been recommended for the introductory.

On the other hand, the Gelda stem is that the rings of users who have the same switches have been increased, in contrast to the proportion of users who have the switches with the switches, which are naturally took the title of the low-profile gamers in the switch. As a result, it becomes grass. Perhaps the Gelda stem does not know that the Nintendo switch is a popular game chart until the day of life.

In addition, Doraemon Jingu, who released with the film opening, is steadily selling to the geographical advantage of the CGV, but it does not have a clear performance. Perhaps that the interest of the low-profile floor is all the result of the mario titles and the result of the game itself. 51 years ago Veteran Doraemon was a bitter August.

It is expected that the coming September is expected

Overall, it was a month in which existing work was strong compared to new and release schedules. Just as the burial officials expected that there would be no dramatic sales increase, the Lesson Koyts Directory Cut was not a big hit. But the last month is that it is not uncommon for a new wave that comes from the second half of this year. Of course, most of the games support PCs together, but it is obvious that it is anticipated that it is expecting and expected.