For nine years, Modder has been working to rebuild and expand the Oblivion with the Skyrim engine. The MOD SKYBLIVION is then to be made available to all players for free – and invites you to explore Oblivion again.

These are the biggest modding projects in the already big Skyrim community: Skyblivion (Remake of Oblivion) ​​and Skywind (Remake of Morrowind) are on the path to perfection, both are quite far progressed. What Skyrim Modder and fans can do, you can also experience at wonderful Enordinal (and if not, it plays now!).

In a 20-minute video **, the Skyblivion team presents you what awaits you in the unofficial remake to Oblivion. Using the Creation Engine by The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim renew the entire game, including each grasshalm and NPCs. In addition, Skyblivion should become even greater than the original Oblivion – based on official sketches and artworks that Bethesda itself could not implement.

Skyblivion – a completely new The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

The Skyblivion project started nine years ago, although at that time a much smaller team worked on the Remake Mod. Since this has happened much as you can see in the video further: The modders around the project do not be afraid of changing and expanding Oblivion according to Lore and also to expand. **

ACTUAL GAMEPLAY of the Oblivion Remaster Skyblivion! - (Remastered in The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Mods)

While the beautiful autumn forest is embellished and enlarged, also Leyawiin receives a Remakentic update: The city is enlarged according to multiple official artworks by Bethesda, as it was actually planned. In Skyblivion, Leyawiin will take more area, so ships can drive across the river in the middle of the city. More houses, shops and a division into a poorer and a rich neighborhood will give it.

According to the adjacent countries to Cyrodiil, border crossings are designed as fortresses : a transition to black march, home of the argonier, or a transition to Elswyer. However, you probably will not be able to cross – the whole thing is more likely to happen to immersion.

_SKRIM with 100+ mods is a completely new role-playing game, about whose content you can determine yourself: _

NPCs, objects, animals, plants and buildings are all renewed using the Creation Engine, so it’s actually a huge remake that at least makes me want to immerse yourself again in Oblivion. Unfortunately there is no release date of free mod ; However, the speaker in the video explains that after all the years at least one end is in sight.

If you have ourselves knowledge of programming and modden , the team of Skyblivion will probably receive you with open arms: visits the official site of the mod to participate!