Mark Healey is a British video clip game designer from Ipswich, Suffolk. Healey began his career making games for the Commodore 64 residence computer– his initial released game was KGB Super Spy for Codemasters, which brought about creating the academic Fun School series of ready Europress Software. Healey joined Bullfrog Productions to collaborate with Peter Molyneux on titles such as Magic Rug as well as Dungeon Caretaker. When Molyneux left Bullfrog to create Lionhead Studios, Healey joined him, and also functioned as an elderly artist on Black & White and Fable. Whilst still at Lionhead, he developed Cloth Doll Kung Fu individually in his extra time, which was the very first 3rd party game to be distributed over Vapor – Shutoff’s on the internet distribution system. He is a co-founder of Media Particle as well as creative director of LittleBigPlanet as well as LittleBigPlanet 2.

According to Creative Director, no doors are open or closed for the game.

Tream finally comes to the masses today (you can see the start trailer here), and it is difficult to assess how he is received. While the potential for creating games is very big, it will live in its community and die. The game is now exclusive to Sony’s PS4, but the concept seems to be as many platforms as possible. That’s not in the cards now, but could depend on how successful it is Tream ends to be in the end.

In conversation with VGC, Creative Director Mark Healey confirmed this as before _Tream__ is not developed for another platform, especially for the PC. He does not close the door and says that there is a natural progress that the game migrated to the relevant platforms if it has success.

Of course we focus on PS4 at the moment and I would actually hope that this extends the life of the PS4 to be honest. If other companies start to develop games, the community may continue to develop games, but if it’s so successful as we hope it, then it is an obvious development.

You know, it’s a platform, so we will ideally migrate everything in the future, which is relevant, Healeey continued. That’s probably about as much as I can say without being beaten by someone.

Although he says nothing about the upcoming PS5, the implication seems obvious that he speaks about a kind of version of the game for this system. Of course, we have to see what a success Tream will have primarily. Press thumbs up, creating a good run.

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