Prior to the starting game in the 2021/22 season, Ralf Kellermann, the sporting director of VFL women, was still referred to the transition in the team and the coaches. But there was little feeling of that against Turbine Potsdam. With Roord, Latgeine and Waßmuth, there were three new arrivals in the starting eleven, large vote problems were not recorded. On the contrary: From the beginning Wolfsburg dominated the game almost charged. The Potsdamers, where coach Sofian Chahed carried only a new player into the Startelf, ran after the music in the Autostadt.

Pajor from the distance – Blomqvist to aluminum

Until Minute 17, the Brandenburgers could withstand the pressure of the wolf. But Pajor overlooked the complete defense Turbines including Torfrau Fischer. After a ball gain in the midfield, the Polin grabbed the ball, made a few steps and just pulled off great distance. About the troubled fishermen, which stood too far in front of their gate, hit the ball in the network of Potsdamers. In the subsequent period Wolfsburg remained on the pusher, but despite great dominance, no more gate was achieved until the break until the break. Also, because in the 34th minute at an attempt of Blomqvist the aluminum the 2-0 stand in the way.

Pajor again and again crossbar

After the break it was then time. After a quick attack on the right side, Waßmuth flanked into the penalty area, where Pajor came to the ball from the fisherman and made to 2: 0. Wolfsburg remained on the pusher, but Fischer and again the aluminum first prevented a result improvement for the VfL. In the 64th minute Janssen moved off the distance, her shot crashed from the crossbar into it.

But three minutes before the final whistle it was time. This time it was Pajor, who initiated the hit. The two-time goalkeeper sat by resolut in the penalty area and laid across. Van der Sanden would have been able to complete, but allowed the ball for the wolter posted. The national player did not take the chance and marked the 3-0 final score (87.).