Meanwhile Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut in this country is commercially available and thus the brand new island IKI extension. Not only does the new area offer beautiful areas, but also keeps some secrets ready for you, about three special shrines, of which we now want to see the ash shrine.

Where is the ash shrine?

Each of these three shrines is in the sign of a very popular PlayStation franchise. The place he should go in the following lines was about dedicated Sony Santa Monica action hit God of War (2018). The ash shrine is located near the east coast Ikis and is characterized by white birches.

That’s how you solve the puzzle of the Ash Shrine

Once you look closer to the shrine, you will quickly drop different allusions to the PS4 blockbuster, such as Kratos’ ax and chains as well as a golden handprint on a tree. There you can also find a scroll on which a mystery is written, which you must now solve:

_ In autumn, a tree wears
Frucht, from seeds to Setzling
Ein stranger and son
Sohn, honor of the father fight
_ Show the power of your blade. _

Should you familiar with the latest adventures of the god of war be, you are likely to fall little references in the eye, such as the reference to Kratos’ son Atreus. For the puzzle crucially, however, are the last two lines of the poem, more precisely of the Father’s fight and the adjoining of your blade.

First, you now need the armor of the Sakai clan , which once also wore the father of our protagonist. To honor him, you have to wear them now. The last part is simple, because you have to just in the middle of the shrine your Katana draw. Just wipes on the touchpad of your controller to the right.

Have you done everything right, starts a short intermediate sequence and then you will receive a total of three rewards with which you can equip Jin from Fortan: the Helm of the Warrior , the facial mask Spartan and finally Spirit of Sparta , a special color variant for your Sakai clan armor.

Now you have successfully solved the puzzle of the Ash Shrine. If you need further support with Ghost of Tsushima, then you will gladly look at our other guides to the game. Otherwise we wish you also a lot of fun with the game.

How do you like the God of War Armor in Ghost of Tsushimsa?

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