Bethesda has published three short videos to Starfield in which they introduce you to Design Director Emil Pagliarulo three places that you can visit in this Sci-Fi-RPG.

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In the first video, the spaceport of New Atlantis , the capital of the United Colonies is demonstrated. The United Colonies are the most powerful military and political group in the game. The city is the home of various peoples and a true melting pot and something like a possible image of our future.

In the second video you can take a look at the amusement city Neon . The platform built by XenOfresh Corporation was actually built for fishing. However, when one pulled a fish with psychotropic properties out of the sea, one quickly realized that one could make much more money with drugs.

And last but not least, there would be Akila , the capital of the Freestar collective. This casual alliance from three different star system systems houses a variety of different individuals who believe in the inviolability of freedom and individuality. To protect against the dangerous Ashta, a crossing of wolf and Velociraptor, walls were built around the city.

Starfield will appear on 11.11.2022 exclusively for Xbox Series X | S and PC and be included from the first day in the Xbox Game Pass.