Forza Horizon 4 - Western Bank Heist! (Cops & Robbers Style)
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As previously passed, the PS exclusive time horizon: Western WEST this year will be delayed until February 18, 2022. Good news is a generation of horizon: look forward to dawn will get 60 fps updates! According to the development team Guerrilla times , when the first time in May this year, the time has entered the final stage, but still does not reach the expected quality. At the same time, due to the influence of the epidemic, it is still guaranteed to ensure the health and adaptation of the new work. Finally, it has to be extended. Since Wuhan pneumonia (new crown pneumonia, COVID 19) Opal influence, many times face development challenges, currently known God of War: Dusk 7 and Sports Car Romantic Journey 7 will be extended to 2022. Skyline: Western Forbidden] Book on February 18, 2022, PS4 and PS5 ** are played, and will open on September 2nd. At the same time, Skyline: Looking forward to the Dawn is already enhanced updates, can be played in 60fps.