The umpteenth demonstration that Piqué and his relationship with the IBAI team is seriously here. Today has been released that Kosmos , the company of the F.C central Barcelona, ​​has joined forces with Enjoy Television to acquire the rights of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 French soccer. This agreement rewinds the current one between the Gala League and Movistar, which retransmitted the competition parties to the competition in Spain with its sports channels as we go.

And here the revelation arrives. The intention of Kosmos is that they can give up these rights secondary to one or several televisions / platforms in our territory. Waiting for this agreement to come up, the ball has started and what better than Ibai and its Twitch channel for retransmit the debut of Leo Messi as a new player at Paris Saint-Germain . This has been ahead of 2playbook and has subsequently confirmed the IBAI itself.

equal it is not to be surprised

It is important to review that it will not be the only place where you can see Messi’s debut with the PSG. Telecinco has also been done with the rights of Reims-PSG of this next Sunday, and will issue in open for Spain said party. Even so, Ibai becomes a valuable ally for Gerard Piqué, after a Copa América that he had a final for everything high and that he had the creator of Basque content as a master of ceremonies.

We can say that this first movement was an approach, since the Copa América did not have enough support in Spain as to get your rights to sell; So much so that Ibai began to emit it after some days already disputed. The movement was a teacher, since a competition that had no retransmission became the theme of the week in this country and reapped a great audience on Twitch. It was the key to open this new panorama.

Now we reach a Ligue 1 that was already retransmitted by a giant as it is Movistar and that now also has Messi. It is a powerful product thanks to the PSG, although it pales in interest in the rest of the games against leagues such as the English, German, Italian and, of course, the Second National Division.

What I mean here is that the movement is something more interesting and has more layers and actors than an appointment on Twitter with the umpteenth Ibai has done it again, or a chestnut, what do you say now? IBAI and the team of it is an asset more for companies that want to offer products, because they know that it has a tremendously faithful audience and that practically any movement will be received with Loes and good words; In a deserved way by him in recent times, he would miss more.

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This could stay at a unique message of Messi in the PSG, to finish selling the matches back to Movistar or another television and platform in Spain; Not in vain, the French league in that country is seen through Amazon. Perhaps the greatest praise we can give Ibai is not an appointment on Twitter to get RTS, but to understand that it is natural that these things happen, and that it would not be rare that in the future it will even narrate an event like the Davis Cup Tennis, in which Piqué is also tucked.