Aloy is the lead character of the 2017 computer game Horizon Zero Dawn and also its approaching follow up Horizon Forbidden West. In the games’ post-apocalyptic tribal setting, she is born in 3021, raised as a castaway, and also trains as a warrior in order to win a ritual competitors to uncover her mommy’s identification. After directly averting a murder attempt, she begins on a trip to quit a cult that worships an expert system bent on the globe’s devastation, while additionally hunting equipments that have grown aggressive to human beings. She has actually been seriously praised for her design and also characterization. She is articulated by American voice actress Ashly Burch and also imitated Dutch actress Hannah Hoekstra.

Horizon Forbidden West appears only 2022 and there is a 60-FPS patch for the predecessor on the PlayStation 5.

Update from 26.08.2021: The bad news first: Horizon Forbidden West was actually moved to 2022, as Jason Schreier has reported a few weeks ago. The good: The blockbuster of Guerilla Games has finally been a concrete release date. From the 18th of February you may explore the American west coast on PS5 and PS4 or rather explore what was California than Aloy. From September 2nd you can pre-order the title. In addition, Guerilla Games has published a patch for Horizon Zero Dawn, thanks to which it runs on the PlayStation 5 with up to 60 fps. The developers do not speak of a solid frame rate, but that the 60 frames per second only target are an upgrade, but that is the way or so.

Original message from 02.08.2021: At the beginning of June Hermen Hulst, Head of Playstation Studios, said that the development of Horizon Forbidden West in the schedule is lying and the game is expected to appear in the Christmas business of this year. But we are doing so hard as we can to confirm to you as soon as possible, he added then to prepare the fans quasi mentally on that a shift on 2022 not completely from the table is. Now it looks very after that when developer guerrilla games is no longer around.

Sony has not confirmed anything yet, but Jason Schreier from Bloomberg wrote that Horizon Forbidden West was postponed to the first quarter of 2022. He experienced that from a person who is familiar with the matter. And as a rule, what screens reports, also occurs. In addition, he points out in his text that industry colleagues Jeff Grubb has reported in his podcast Grubbsnax on Giant Bomb by a shift of the Open World game.

Horizon Forbidden West is the continuation of the successful and critics like normal players very beloved Horizon Zero Dawn, which appeared exclusively for the PlayStation 4 in 2017 and found the way to the PC 2020. The story of the second part attaches directly to the serial debut and leads Heroin Aloy to the west coast of what the United States of America were, more precisely in the former California. There she has to fight against a new threat and deal with robotic creations that they did not know so far yet. Horizon Forbidden West was originally announced only for the PS5. In the course of the gameplay premiere at the end of May, however, Sony announced that the title also appears for the predecessor console. A solid release date has never been mentioned so far.

HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST Trailer (2020) Horizon Zero Dawn 2


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