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Toshihiro Nagoshi the creator of Yakuza would leave Sega for Netease

Clease may be holding its second largest recruit of the year after Boulapoire. As an article by Bloomberg signed Takashi Mochizuki, a specialist in Japanese business, Nenetse would be in advanced discussion with Toshihiri Nagoshi, emblematic veteran of Sega and creative director of the yakuza franchise.

Shadowverse - Back to LW Shadow X Bayleon Sword | RSC Week 9 Meta
Symbol of the more and more net offensive as Chinese giants like Tencent and Netease lead to a place on the international multi-platform video game market, Negotiations between Netease and Toshihiri Nagoshi would be about to succeed. According to sources close to the file, Sega’s veteran would be placed at the head of his own development team at Netease. Sega and Netease did not comment on the situation, but there is no reason to think that this departure would preclude the end of a franchise on which Sega now bets doubly with one side yakuza Who has just operated a successful turn to the turn in turn by turn and the other Judgment who recovers the torch of the Beat’em Up action.

If we can see this recruitment as a sign of the power of seduction of Netease, it must be remembered that Toshihiri Nagoshi had strangely downgraded into the hierarchy of SEGA at the beginning of the year, losing his place among the leaders of the group and his position of CCO. (Head of Creation) to become Simple Creative Director. Before being known as the strong man of the franchise Yakuza , the 56-year-old veteran had started on such famous arcade games as Virtua Racing and Daytona USA . It will include producer and director of the franchise Super Monkey Ball or producer of F-Zero GX and SPIKEOUT , before the advent of a certain DOJIMA dragon in 2005. A saga that will only rarely leave the bedside despite the release of Binary Domain , new license remained without continuation, in 2012.

The Bloomberg article also mentions that Tencent would be about to acquire a Japanese studio. The Chinese giant has already invested in PlatinumGames, Marvelous or Bokeh Game Studio, the independent studio founded by Keiichiro Toyama and other former Japan Studio. For its part, Netease has already opened its own Japanese studio to develop on consoles and recruited a veteran from Bandai Namco, Tetsuya Akatsuka, to lead the studio. For Clease, these investments in Japan are added to the big shots made with Western studios, especially the $ 100 million for the development of Bungie or Quantic Dream financing in its multi-platform strategy.

Skyrim s predecessor gets remake and that looks beautiful now

For nine years, Modder has been working to rebuild and expand the Oblivion with the Skyrim engine. The MOD SKYBLIVION is then to be made available to all players for free – and invites you to explore Oblivion again.

These are the biggest modding projects in the already big Skyrim community: Skyblivion (Remake of Oblivion) ​​and Skywind (Remake of Morrowind) are on the path to perfection, both are quite far progressed. What Skyrim Modder and fans can do, you can also experience at wonderful Enordinal (and if not, it plays now!).

In a 20-minute video **, the Skyblivion team presents you what awaits you in the unofficial remake to Oblivion. Using the Creation Engine by The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim renew the entire game, including each grasshalm and NPCs. In addition, Skyblivion should become even greater than the original Oblivion – based on official sketches and artworks that Bethesda itself could not implement.

Skyblivion – a completely new The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

The Skyblivion project started nine years ago, although at that time a much smaller team worked on the Remake Mod. Since this has happened much as you can see in the video further: The modders around the project do not be afraid of changing and expanding Oblivion according to Lore and also to expand. **

ACTUAL GAMEPLAY of the Oblivion Remaster Skyblivion! - (Remastered in The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Mods)

While the beautiful autumn forest is embellished and enlarged, also Leyawiin receives a Remakentic update: The city is enlarged according to multiple official artworks by Bethesda, as it was actually planned. In Skyblivion, Leyawiin will take more area, so ships can drive across the river in the middle of the city. More houses, shops and a division into a poorer and a rich neighborhood will give it.

According to the adjacent countries to Cyrodiil, border crossings are designed as fortresses : a transition to black march, home of the argonier, or a transition to Elswyer. However, you probably will not be able to cross – the whole thing is more likely to happen to immersion.

_SKRIM with 100+ mods is a completely new role-playing game, about whose content you can determine yourself: _

NPCs, objects, animals, plants and buildings are all renewed using the Creation Engine, so it’s actually a huge remake that at least makes me want to immerse yourself again in Oblivion. Unfortunately there is no release date of free mod ; However, the speaker in the video explains that after all the years at least one end is in sight.

If you have ourselves knowledge of programming and modden , the team of Skyblivion will probably receive you with open arms: visits the official site of the mod to participate!

Dreams is currently not planned for the PC but could migrate relevant platforms

Mark Healey is a British video clip game designer from Ipswich, Suffolk. Healey began his career making games for the Commodore 64 residence computer– his initial released game was KGB Super Spy for Codemasters, which brought about creating the academic Fun School series of ready Europress Software. Healey joined Bullfrog Productions to collaborate with Peter Molyneux on titles such as Magic Rug as well as Dungeon Caretaker. When Molyneux left Bullfrog to create Lionhead Studios, Healey joined him, and also functioned as an elderly artist on Black & White and Fable. Whilst still at Lionhead, he developed Cloth Doll Kung Fu individually in his extra time, which was the very first 3rd party game to be distributed over Vapor – Shutoff’s on the internet distribution system. He is a co-founder of Media Particle as well as creative director of LittleBigPlanet as well as LittleBigPlanet 2.

According to Creative Director, no doors are open or closed for the game.

Tream finally comes to the masses today (you can see the start trailer here), and it is difficult to assess how he is received. While the potential for creating games is very big, it will live in its community and die. The game is now exclusive to Sony’s PS4, but the concept seems to be as many platforms as possible. That’s not in the cards now, but could depend on how successful it is Tream ends to be in the end.

In conversation with VGC, Creative Director Mark Healey confirmed this as before _Tream__ is not developed for another platform, especially for the PC. He does not close the door and says that there is a natural progress that the game migrated to the relevant platforms if it has success.

Of course we focus on PS4 at the moment and I would actually hope that this extends the life of the PS4 to be honest. If other companies start to develop games, the community may continue to develop games, but if it’s so successful as we hope it, then it is an obvious development.

You know, it’s a platform, so we will ideally migrate everything in the future, which is relevant, Healeey continued. That’s probably about as much as I can say without being beaten by someone.

Although he says nothing about the upcoming PS5, the implication seems obvious that he speaks about a kind of version of the game for this system. Of course, we have to see what a success Tream will have primarily. Press thumbs up, creating a good run.

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Update

The update for Season 7 has arrived for Call of Duty: Mobile and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch. The update will appear later this week and bring a number of new content. The update brings two new cards, game modes, a new Battle Pass, Weapons and much more.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 Patchotes

new cards:

  • Scrapplate 2019
    • Available in the Modes Team Deathmatch, Domination and Hardpoint.
  • Monastery will be
    • Only available for Free For All Games.

✨ a well-known card, but revised and new!

???? Scrapyard 2019 will also be in #codmobil as part of the next season!

Start next week!

  • Call of Duty: Mobile (@playCodmobile) 22 . August 2021

newr multiplayer mode

Disbursement search and destruction: The players are made behind the game currency by destroying goals and killing enemies. The mode will be available in Tunisia, Coastal, Crash, Firing Range, Standoff, Terminal, and Hackney Yard.


Solid gold: All items in this mode are legendary weapons and essays, everything else is similar to classical mode.

New weapons


  • It is a LMG with high mobility.
  • The precision of the hipfire when using this weapon is increased by the special steady grip attachment.


  • The crossbow boasts a high hip accuracy. It is also an extremely quiet weapon.
  • It can also be equipped with three different types of bolt.

balance changes

Activision has the following balance changes in COD: Mobile Phones Seven Refresh.


  • Increased damage multiplier on the belly without any attachment.
  • The damage range was reduced without attachment.
  • The damage multiplier with limbs without attachment was reduced.


  • The damage range was reduced without attachment.
  • Increased the ADS projectile propagation without attachment.
  • The damage range has been reduced when it is equipped with the marauder oppressor.

Type 25

  • The twitch of the hit was reduced if you are equipped with the RTC Steady Stock.
  • The horizontal recoil was reduced when it is equipped with the RTC Steady Stock.


  • The damage multiplier on the breast without attachment has been increased.
  • The horizontal recoil was slightly reduced without accessories.
  • Increased the accuracy of the hipfire without any attachment.
  • The ADS projectile spread and horizontal recoil were reduced when they are equipped with the MIP Strike Stock.
  • The scattering of the ADS projectile was reduced when no shaft is equipped.
  • The ADS projectile spread was reduced when it is equipped with the YKM Light Stock.
  • The ADS projectile scattering was reduced when equipped with the YKM combat.


  • The damage multiplier on the breast without attachment has been increased.

as value

  • The movement speed and the recharge speed were reduced when equipped with the Large Extended Mag B.

Holger 26

    • The movement speed without additional devices has been reduced.
    • The damage range was reduced without attachment.
    • The ADS time has been increased and the movement speed is reduced when it is equipped with the MIP Light Barrel (short).
    • The ADS time has been increased when equipped with the MIP light.
    • The ADS time has been increased and the speed of movement decreases if no stock is equipped.
    • The ADS time has been increased when it is equipped with the YKM Combat Stock.
    • The ADS time has been reduced and the speed of movement increased when equipped with Holger – 26k Double Stack Carbine Mag.
    • The ADS time has been reduced and the speed of movement as well as the recharge speed increases when equipped with the Holger – 26C Lightweight Polymer.

Call of Duty: Mobile is currently available on Android and iOS devices.

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Wolfsburg Torhungrig Pajor and Wolter meet against Potsdam

Prior to the starting game in the 2021/22 season, Ralf Kellermann, the sporting director of VFL women, was still referred to the transition in the team and the coaches. But there was little feeling of that against Turbine Potsdam. With Roord, Latgeine and Waßmuth, there were three new arrivals in the starting eleven, large vote problems were not recorded. On the contrary: From the beginning Wolfsburg dominated the game almost charged. The Potsdamers, where coach Sofian Chahed carried only a new player into the Startelf, ran after the music in the Autostadt.

Pajor from the distance – Blomqvist to aluminum

Until Minute 17, the Brandenburgers could withstand the pressure of the wolf. But Pajor overlooked the complete defense Turbines including Torfrau Fischer. After a ball gain in the midfield, the Polin grabbed the ball, made a few steps and just pulled off great distance. About the troubled fishermen, which stood too far in front of their gate, hit the ball in the network of Potsdamers. In the subsequent period Wolfsburg remained on the pusher, but despite great dominance, no more gate was achieved until the break until the break. Also, because in the 34th minute at an attempt of Blomqvist the aluminum the 2-0 stand in the way.

Pajor again and again crossbar

After the break it was then time. After a quick attack on the right side, Waßmuth flanked into the penalty area, where Pajor came to the ball from the fisherman and made to 2: 0. Wolfsburg remained on the pusher, but Fischer and again the aluminum first prevented a result improvement for the VfL. In the 64th minute Janssen moved off the distance, her shot crashed from the crossbar into it.

But three minutes before the final whistle it was time. This time it was Pajor, who initiated the hit. The two-time goalkeeper sat by resolut in the penalty area and laid across. Van der Sanden would have been able to complete, but allowed the ball for the wolter posted. The national player did not take the chance and marked the 3-0 final score (87.).

Digital Showcase 2021 Interview to Music in Fallout with Inon for from 21 00

Almost Useful Warthunder Knowledge 2 (ft. Ash)

An important part of the game design is the music in games. She can create atmosphere to warn of dangers and ensure entertainment on lonely hikes through the wasteland. But how exactly do you fill a post-apocalyptic world like in fallout with music? These and many other questions Bethesda is about the ground with the guest inon, who has already composed for many games of Bethesda Game Studios.

NBA News Legend Oscar Robertson holds Russell Westbrook for MVP 2020 21 Total Unfair

Oscar Robertson has declared in a podcast, Russell Westbrook should have gained the MVP award in the past season. The Royals and Bucks legend made lack of recognition for Westbrooks Triple Doubles.

I look at Westbrook, his triples doubles in the past season and no one has noticed that. They think that would be no big deal, said the 82-year-old in the Knucklehead’s podcast. I find the totally unfair. I think he should have gained the MVP award again.

Westbrook in the past season in the WizardS jersey with 22.2 points, 11.7 assists and 11.5 rebounds per game on average a triple double, this feat of him already succeeded for the fourth time in the past five years. 2016/17, when the Point Guard succeeded for the first time, he was awarded as MVP.

Previously, Robertson was the only NBA player who has launched a triple double via a complete playing time. In the past season Westbrook broke his record for most triple doubles of all time, Robertson came in his 14-year career on 182 Triple Doubles, Westbrook is now at 184.

He has already put on a triple double, but was not MVP. Why do we even collect the statistics? Robertson asked. The Point Guard legend ran from 1960 to 1974 for the Cincinnati Royals and the Milwaukee Bucks. In 1971 he took the championship with Milwaukee.

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Westbrook received 2020/21 a total of a third-place voice in the MVP race, which Nikola Jokic clearly won. Despite the good statistics Westbrooks Wizards brought only 34 victories at 38 defeats, which only reached for eight place in the East. Washington then had to give himself beaten the Sixers in the first round after only five games.

Ghost of Tsushima How to dissolve the ashes on IKI

Meanwhile Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut in this country is commercially available and thus the brand new island IKI extension. Not only does the new area offer beautiful areas, but also keeps some secrets ready for you, about three special shrines, of which we now want to see the ash shrine.

Where is the ash shrine?

Each of these three shrines is in the sign of a very popular PlayStation franchise. The place he should go in the following lines was about dedicated Sony Santa Monica action hit God of War (2018). The ash shrine is located near the east coast Ikis and is characterized by white birches.

That’s how you solve the puzzle of the Ash Shrine

Once you look closer to the shrine, you will quickly drop different allusions to the PS4 blockbuster, such as Kratos’ ax and chains as well as a golden handprint on a tree. There you can also find a scroll on which a mystery is written, which you must now solve:

_ In autumn, a tree wears
Frucht, from seeds to Setzling
Ein stranger and son
Sohn, honor of the father fight
_ Show the power of your blade. _

Should you familiar with the latest adventures of the god of war be, you are likely to fall little references in the eye, such as the reference to Kratos’ son Atreus. For the puzzle crucially, however, are the last two lines of the poem, more precisely of the Father’s fight and the adjoining of your blade.

First, you now need the armor of the Sakai clan , which once also wore the father of our protagonist. To honor him, you have to wear them now. The last part is simple, because you have to just in the middle of the shrine your Katana draw. Just wipes on the touchpad of your controller to the right.

Have you done everything right, starts a short intermediate sequence and then you will receive a total of three rewards with which you can equip Jin from Fortan: the Helm of the Warrior , the facial mask Spartan and finally Spirit of Sparta , a special color variant for your Sakai clan armor.

Now you have successfully solved the puzzle of the Ash Shrine. If you need further support with Ghost of Tsushima, then you will gladly look at our other guides to the game. Otherwise we wish you also a lot of fun with the game.

How do you like the God of War Armor in Ghost of Tsushimsa?

Further news about Ghost of Tsushima.

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Uerdingen obliged after castles also Sierck

The KFC has once again hit the transfer market and take Pepijn locks under contract. The 23-year-old right defendant comes from the second Dutch league of Roda JC Kerkrade to Uerdingen in the Regionalliga West. Castles have already been trained at Roda. Over the past three seasons, he stood 38 times in the Keucoen Divisie on the square.

Pep is a fast player and very good on the ball. He has already collected a lot of experience despite his young age. We hope that this will help us in the championship, KFC coach Dimitry Voronov is quoted.

Likewise, the sporting director Patrick Schneider is coming to the transfer: We have been watching Pepijn for some time now. He will set both defensive and offensive accents.

Sierck signs

In Jesse Sierck, the Uerdinger also brought a central defender who played in the preseason for the FSV Frankfurt in the Regionalliga Südwest. Jesse was a regular player at FSV, says coach Voronov. He is a very robust player who has a good ball control. He brings pace in and at the same time resting in our game. I’m looking forward to him.

After camel driver scandal Lagab forgives BDR

The Algerian Radprofi Azzedine Lagab vained at Olympics of BDR Sport Director Patrick Moster as camel driver has taken and pronounced in the context of Germany tour with the functional.

As a Patrick Master, I’ve learned that I am in Germany, he had insisted to meet private. Without press and without anyone who knew, Lagab said the ard.

The 34-year-old Lagab agreed to see him, and got a completely different impression of Master. Moster is not a racist, and that was a mistake of Mosters, complemented Lagab. For us and our religion, it is important to apologize. I told him, says Lagab.

Lagab had been offended to the Olympic Games in Tokyo of Moster Racist. Moscards had fired the German driver of Nikias Arndt with the words Get the camel drivers, Get the camel drivers, Come during the time trial. In front of Arndt, Eritreer Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier and Lagab went to the route in the fight against the clock. Moster had been sent home after the scandal.

How to Pronounce German Tank Names | War Thunder

Lagab is at the start this week at the Germany tour. The Continental Team Bike Aid has signed the Algerian at short notice and wants to set a sign against racism with Lagab’s start.

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