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Netize Connect 2022, top title update information and new game release

[Source: Netize Games]

Netize Games released six new games and ▲ Harry Potter: Awakened Magic, Naraka: Blade Points, and Dead By Daylight Mobile, as well as other game studios such as Nagoshi Studio and Grasshopper Manufacture We have completed the NetEASE CONNECT 2022 with various impact information such as collaboration and collaboration with other global studios.

NetEASE Connect 2022 began live streaming on May 20 with IGN JAPAN’s Daniel Robson and Ezra Krabe. At the event, two Japanese and English were provided, and fans watched through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitter.

In the first corner, Nagoshi Studio, Grasshopper Studio and Behind the Story, Netare Games introduced how Netare Games is working with developers to achieve creative and high levels of development goals.

In addition, game update information was provided for ▲ Dead By Daylight Mobile ▲ Life After ▲ Naraka: Blade Points ▲ The Lord of the Rings: The Beginning of War ‘▲ Harry Potter: The Magic. New beta tests, new expansion and characters have been added to the NetEASE Connect 2022 that many updates have been available for these titles since this year.

– There will be an exciting update for Dead By Daylight Mobile in the west, and the test will be conducted soon.

▲ Life After-The new gameplay mode, dress, and much more challenging battles that have not been available in the end of the century will be newly expanded at the end of the century. What future will it happen before us? For more information, please refer to the official website.

▲ After – ‘Earth Day’ event, the latest update of Infinite Lagrang is added to the SF Space Simulation Game. Other explorers have different missions and settlement goals. In addition, the concept of ‘legacy’ will be incorporated into the game from this summer, allowing users to search for legacy items and use them to develop their forces. For more information, please refer to the official website.

\ -The next-generation survival looting shooting game has added a completely new escape equipment. The user becomes the last one and wins the victory by bringing as many loot on the battlefield. Since then, users can get more opportunities to accumulate wealth by creating their own weapons with advanced equipment with new free trade functions that buy and sell items. For more information, please refer to the official website.

\ -In Japan, Kamata Mitsuji and a new collaboration will appear in the game with new costumes. For more information, please refer to the official website.

Netease connect 2022 เกมใหม่ เตรียมเปิด เกมเก่าอัปเดตของใหม่

\ -Eega Hit will be released on mobile with the new character Takeda, which will be added in the next season. Takeda wearing armor is equipped with a sword and constantly fights with the devil living in him. For more information, please refer to the official site. NARAKA Mobile joins on the official website.

▲ The Lord of the Rings: The Beginning of War>- Warner Bros and MidDle-Earth Enterprises, and the strategy-based strategy based on NETEASE is a strategy-based war game that reflects various fun elements that reflect the festivals and cultures of the intermediate world It is adding strong charm to a completely new season. In the midsummer festival, let’s work with Gandalf to make fireworks, or to add strength to the Hobbit’s favorite dishes. For more information, please refer to the official website.

\ -The second beta test of this over the top racing game will be held in June, where cars can pass through the walls, transform while driving, and even launch rockets in the sky. For more information, please visit the game Facebook, Twitter and Discords.

▲ Viking Guard-Midsummer is the brightest and most daring time. Vikings safely plant crops and voyage to fight in other lands. The new expansion “Mid Summer” will appear in the Viking Guard this June. It’s time to act at risk. For more information, please refer to the official website.

– A post-apocalypse background based on the concept of ‘survival, battle, and forward’. All decisions that users make affect their ultimate destiny.

In Lost Light, users can build shelters directly in fierce battles and collect items through battle or trade. The first beta test of iOS will be held in the third quarter of this year. For more information, please refer to the official website.

\ -This immersive collection card RPG will allow users around the world to enjoy on PCs and mobile from 2022. If you want more information, you can find the official Facebook.

During the NETEASE Connect period, cinematic and sophisticated 2 -to -four competitive infiltration game , thrilling sci -fi game A number of new games such as> have also been released.

\ -This is a two-to-four competitive infiltration game like a movie where users become invaders or chasers. Let’s participate in the hide and see -and -seek game. It is disguised as an invader, steals information using special equipment, exits a narrow exit, and exposes the intruder with the ability of the pursuit to stop the mission.

Technology tests will be held in Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia from July 8 this year. For more information, please refer to the official website (pre -registered), Facebook, Discord, YouTube, and Twitter.

-In this third-person shooting game with reversal, 15 mercenaries infiltrate San Yager cities with zombies to collect valuable Blood crystals and defeat undead. Dying during the game does not mean “gameover”, and users are resurrected to zombies with completely new technology and infinite response. Currently, ZOZ: Final Hour is undergoing regional testing. For more information, please refer to the official website.

▲ Ones Bee Human -After 30 years, , set in the background of civilization, opens a mysterious door, Stardust pollutes the world and creates a group of monsters. However, Beyonder, who has become a hunter instead of prey with a special power to overturn the plate, becomes a light of hope. If you want more information, please follow this new and bizarre survival game at the IGN Summer of Gaming event this June. For more information on Once Bee Human, it will be released on Facebook and Twitter soon.

\ -The online multiplayer game with a 15-5 battles in various maps is a historic tank of World War II and the Cold War. Users can team up with friends or join the clan to explore the game map. Please take advantage of the terrain to participate in tactical battles in various game modes. Pre -registration is proceeded through the official website of .

For the next few months, information on additional updates and collaborations with global studios will continue to be released for the next few months. The VOD of the Netare Connect 2022 can be viewed on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube.

How to configure the dedicated V Rising server, configure the parameters and a list of commands

V Ringing has a customizer system in which players can create their own private servers or play on public servers. In this leadership, we will explain how to configure the selected V Rising server, configure the parameters and a list of commands.

Since the game is intended for a multi -user game, the presence of its own dedicated server for playing with friends sounds very interesting.

How to configure the dedicated V Rising server

In V Rising, you can either configure the allocated private server locally or place it on a third -party service. V Rising has two PVP modes: one for 4 players, and the other for 2.

You can choose the mode to your liking. However, on private servers, the sizes of clans and the maximum dimensions of the players can be changed to your taste.

Below we have listed all the steps to set up the dedicated V Rising server.


  • Requirements for the server v Rising
  • How to create V Rising server
  • How to run the V Rising server
  • How to configure the V Rising server
  • How to join the V Rising server

  • How to protect your V Rising server using backup copies

Requirements for the server v Riding

To install V Rising Server, you will need the following system characteristics.

  • Launch Windows 10 or Server 2016+ and 64-bit version
  • 5 GB places on the disk for the game files.
  • A quad -core processor with at least 2 full/physical cores.
  • 16 GB of memory

How to create V RISing server

First, create the “C: VringServer” folder. After that, download SteamCMD for Windows and remove the contents of the SteamCMD download to the previously created VRISNGSERVER folder. Create a file with the name “FetchServerfiles.bat” and insert the following lines into it:

@echo turned off

Launch “” Steamcmd.exe + log in to the user password

+Force_install_dir “C: VrisingServer” +App_update

1829350 Confirm +Exit

Save and run the file to get the server files from Steam.

How to run the server V Ringing

After you perform steps to create, you can continue and start the server. To do this, create a StartServer.bat file and insert the next line into it.

Launch “” VrisingServer.exe -log

Save and then start the file. At the first launch, it will take some time to load it.

How to configure the V RISING server

V Rising - How to Make a Dedicated Server on Windows

As soon as your dedicated V Rising server is launched and launched, you can configure it in accordance with your needs. Changes in the configuration are stored in the Serverhostsettings.json file, in which there are the following settings:


“Name”: “My V Rising Server”,

“Description”: “This is a role server”,

“Port”: 27015,

“QueryPort”: 27016,


“McConnexededadmin”: 4,

“Savename”: “World1”,

“Password”: “Super -secret”,

“ListonMasterserver”: True,

“Auto -Office counter”: 40,

“Auto -Caves”: 120,

“Gamesettingspresset”: “Standard PVP”


You can change the maximum number of users, administrators, passwords and other parameters from this configuration file by opening it in a notebook.

How to join the V Rising server

After setting up the server, you are almost at the target! Now start the game and go to the game section. From there, select the “Online game” section, where there is an option “Find the server”. Find your server by name, and then join and enjoy!

How to protect your V Rising server using backup copies

Do not forget to save a backup copy of the saved games of your server so that in the case of any type of event you do not use the progress of your server. To access the saving file, go to the next place on your computer.


And often make backup copies of the Save folder in another place on your computer.

Location of the game settings file V Rising Server

The game settings file V Rising Server is the following way:


How to change the settings of a private game server

To change the settings of your private server, follow the above path and find the file “Servergamesetts.json”.

This file contains all the necessary information related to the server settings. However, before editing this settings file, make sure that no one is currently on the server, since changing the file, while someone is on the server, can damage files for them.

When the server is empty, right -click the Servergamesettings.json file with the right mouse button and open it in a notebook or notebook ++. Now make the necessary changes and save them. The next time you run the server, it will work with updated settings!

list of commands V Rising Server

_ We will update this section when more relevant information appears._

Rogue light x chess x shotgun! Approach the charm of “Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate”! [Play in Digebo! ]

“Play in Digebo!” Features a digital board game with charm with board game elements, card game elements, and table talk RPG (TRPG) elements. This time, we will deliver a strategy game “ Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate ” with a rogital element and a shotgun element to the chess element.

This work was distributed by PUNKCAKE DELICIEUX on Steam on May 12, 2022. Punkcake Delicieux is an indieveropper established by France’s game designer Benjamin Soulé and Rémy Devaux. He is active mainly in ITCH.IO, and has been developing at a high pace under the concept of “making a game that no one has seen every month.”

ITCH.IO has already released nine works, including this work. Earlier, I introduced the Rogue Light Survival Building Sim “Stacklands”, which is a concept like the developer SokPop Collective. It is wonderful that both developers have a good originality, despite short -term development.

This work is a tune -based strategic game based on chess. The work has been completed in 72 hours in the “Ludum Dare” tournament in a short period of time. Moreover, the work was selected as the highest award. Certainly, if you can develop at this pace, you can do it once a month.

Chess is the most famous board game in the world, which can be said to be the “king of the board game world.” Many people know the rules, so many PC games based on chess have been released.

Famous is “ Battle chess ” released by InterPlayentertainment in 1988 in Amiga. The rules are chess, but frames fight with animation. After the release, it was ported to various platforms, so I think many people have played. “ Battle Chess 2 ” based on Chinese shogi was also released in Amiga in 1990. However, this person was not very popular because the Chinese shogi itself was a minor (although Chinese shogi is also interesting).

By the way, my favorite chess -based game is “ Warhammer 40,000: REGICIDE ” where the character of “Warhammer 40,000” fights. It was released on Steam by Hammerfall Publishing in 2015. Basically, it is a chess, but it is quite chaotic, such as shooting remotely with guns and throwing grenades. This work also has a shooting element with a shotgun.

The chess -based game with similar atmosphere and color to this work includes “ Pawnbarian ” released on Steam on September 24, 2021 by J4NW. The purpose is to destroy the enemy on the board in a game with rogue and deck build elements. I am playing in the middle time because I can play quickly in a short time.

Although there are parts that are similar in concept in this work, it seems that using a “shotgun” as shown in the title is also sold. Let’s play what kind of chess game it is!

Take a shotgun in your hand!

There are two games: “ Slone Mode “, which captures all 12 stages to regain the throne, and “ endless mode “, which can keep playing endlessly until the game over. Endless mode is released after clearing the slone mode. This time, let’s go in slone mode.

By the way, the difficulty of the game is five levels from “Easy” to “King”. Although it depends on the difficulty, it is easy to have a few enemies, and in addition to the low enemies, there are many shotgun bullets. Games with this kind of rogue element are easy even if it’s easy, so it’s good at first.

Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate (Full Version) - Rogue-chess with a shotgun! ????

Before the game starts, there is a little story explanation. The protagonist is the evil Black King who does the only luxury. His miniature gradually moves to a high -paying and durable workplace, which is not a white company White King .

Black King was betrayed by his wife, Queen, and was hijacked by the White King. Rather than reflecting on Black King, he goes to revenge alone with a shotgun……. Well, the game starts with a motivation that is self -employed, or a grudge. It is very difficult to empathize, but I will play for the time being.

Game screen. It looks like a Retro game as if you were conscious of a retro game, and it looks like a CRT TV. It feels like playing an old PC game.

It’s a game play, but basically two players do. Whether to move the black king (black frame at the bottom of the image) or release the shotgun. It’s a shotgun, but where you shoot, you have to do aim yourself. The shotgun has a flight distance and a scattered size (angle) of bullets, and these values are corrected by choosing the stage (described later).

I tried to release the shotgun, but it didn’t reach the enemy at all. The performance of the shotgun is displayed on the left of the chess board. Currently, power 4, flight distance 3 to 5 squares, spread angle 57 degrees . You need to get closer to hit.

Although it is a black king movement, only one square is advanced to eight -way squares with the same movement as the chess king. Because it is a turn -based, the enemy’s frame moves when this moves, but not all enemies move all at once, and it is determined that it works after 〇 turn. The frame that moves on the next turn will shake slightly left and right. It is better to think carefully before moving.

By the way, the movement of the enemy’s top is the same as chess. If you do not know how to move the chess, hover the mouse cursor to the top, and the explanation will appear on the left of the chess board. The image is the movement of the night (horse frame). Also, the hourglass mark under the display of the movement is the meter of “How many more turns will the frame move”. If you look at this, you can grasp the movement of the frame, so you can play without any problems without knowing the rules of chess at all.

Leave the shotgun!

In a shotgun, the farther the enemy’s distance, the more the bullet spreads out and the more powerful. Conversely, if you shoot from a close range, you can hit all bullets. In the image, it was shot to an enemy one square, so it was dealt with 4 damage, the current maximum power. It is less wasteful to pull as much as possible.

If you defeat the enemy, you may get a soul card. If you use this, you can move the same as the enemy. The image is a bishop soul card. Bishops are the same as the “corner” in Japanese shogi, and they proceed diagonally in any square. It is a good idea to use it for withdrawal when you are surrounded by enemies.

The remaining number of shotgun bullets is displayed on the left side of the chess board. The shotgun can load two bullets at once. After two shots, you can reload by moving. Let’s clear the stage before the shotgun bullets run out.

And the shield mark on the right side of the shotgun bullet is the Black King life. It will be damaged if the enemy’s frame can be moved to the position where the black king is in the enemy turn. Please note that if you are surrounded by enemies and you will not be able to move, you will get a lot of damage at once. It’s a so -called “checkmate state”

If you defeat the enemy King on the board, the other enemy’s frame will be destroyed at that time and the stage will be cleared. This area is the same as chess. It would be one measure to actively aim for enemy king from the beginning.

A bonus selection after clearing the stage, which is familiar in Rogue Light Card Games. In this work, there are two choices. The bonus lasts until the end of the game. However, it is a specification that gives a bonus not only for yourself but also to ** enemies.

For example, according to the option below, the own camp (black card) is “ range+2 “, but the enemy camp (white card) also “** pawn (soldier, move one step. Instead of reducing the weakest frame), the night is +1. It is an effect that continues to the game over, so if you do not think carefully and select it, it will gradually become more severe.

Queen, the biggest enemy in this work. You can move as many squares in either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal direction. Speaking of Japanese shogi, it is a cheat move at the level of “Is it such an ant?” Be careful not to be hunted down.

The attack means is not the only shotgun. Just like chess, it is also possible to take the opponent’s frame. After taking it, you can throw it away and hit the opponent. In the image, I take the night and throw it into the queen.

The final stage is also in front of you. The enemies have also increased considerably. Let’s mobilize the skills we have cultivated so far and survive. If you can really defeat the White King, please play with your own hands.

Chess Base Log Light that can be played casually! And a shotgun!

This work is a game where you can play quickly in a short time, like “Pawnbarian”. You can play without any problems without knowing chess, not to mention chess. It is interesting that you need to choose while thinking ahead, as the bonus of the stage clears the enemy and allies.

In particular, what I liked in this work is an exhilarating attack method, such as letting a shotgun or catching and throwing an enemy. Turn -based games tend to be weak in terms of “exhilaration”, but with the idea of “shotgun”, you can enjoy repeated play without suffering. Currently, there is no Japanese support, but if you can read the options for clearing the stage, I think you can play without any problems. If you like chess or want to play an exhilarating rogue light, please try this work.

Product Info

Kakao reveals P2E game platform Clayton Games

Kakao (CEO Nam Gung -hoon) will showcase its P2E game platform ‘Clayton Games’ based on its clayton coin.

Kakao defined P2E as “Unlike traditional games led by game companies, P2E is a meta bus in the true sense of players.”

Clayton Games is a project for Kakao to support the P2E industry and expand the Clayton Coin ecosystem. Clayton Games is an IGO lunch pad. It helps to showcase new creepto projects related to game. Competitive products include BSCPAD of Binance and Avalanche’s Avalaunch.

Clayton Games aims to be an integrated platform for both game users and developers. Kakao expects Clayton Games to become synergy between users and developers.


Kakao cited the lack of channels for the P2E ecosystem, △ information fragmentation, △ lack of initial sales channels in game assets, and △ promotion of games. Kakao plans to solve the three problems of Clayton Games.

For example, to solve information fragmentation problems, Kakao collects information to Game Aggregator in Clayton Games. Game Egrigators will be a channel for providing comprehensive information for game ecosystems, such as basic gameplay information, related torque and news about newly launched games. Game Egrigators can operate channels based on the information provided by individual game developers in the early stages of the service, but aim for a user -based forum in the medium and long term.

Kakao said, “Clayton Games is a comprehensive P2E game platform that will not only provide IGO opportunities, but also solve essential matters for expanding the game ecosystem such as information fragmentation and game promotion.”

Netease reminded of the fast global release of Harry Potter: Magic AWAKENED, releasing a trailer

As part of preparation for launching mobile kia with RPG and MMO Harry Potter elements: Magic Awakedened outside Asia Netease and WB Games, they released a trailer combining frames from the game and real life.

In the near future, residents of the USA and Europe, including Russia, will be able to enter Hogwarts. Preliminary registration is already going on. At the same time, the IGN publication as a platform indicated not only smartphones, but also a PC. In the game you can find many familiar characters from the books about Harry Potter and films under the heading “Fantastic creatures”.

Spells, potions, duels with other wizards, battles with magical creatures and Quiddich – all this was found in the Chinese project.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened ✨ OFFICIAL CINEMATIC TRAILER

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened will be released on Android and iOS this year.

[Professional] Korea -US Joint Statement. Both allies, solid foundations as rocks

President Yoon Seok -yeol and US President Joe Biden said in the Presidential Office of the Yongsan Government Office on the 21st that they would highly appreciate the recent achievements of the ROK -US alliance and continue to build them on a solid foundation like a rock.

The two leaders said, “The ROK -US alliance, which is a core axis of peace and prosperity in the region, has grown far beyond the Korean Peninsula, reflecting the central role of the two countries, the global leader in democracy, economy and technology.”

“We faced an increase in threats to the ruling -based international order represented by challenges directly related to climate change and survival such as Corona 19, and the ruling -based international order represented by Russian continued attacks against Ukraine.” And we unite with a common resolution to deepen and expand the bonds between the people of the two countries. ”

On the other hand, President Biden expressed gratitude to President Yoon’s hospitality and invited President Yoon’s visit to Washington at a convenient time.

** Next is the specialty of the summit.

Yoon Seok -yeol, the president of the Republic of Korea, welcomes Joseph R. Biden’s visit to China. The summit was recorded as a meeting with the president of the United States during the term of the president of the Republic of Korea. The ROK -US alliance, which is based on common sacrifices and polished by our deep security relationships, continues to evolve and expand. The ROK -US alliance, a core axis of peace and prosperity in the region, has grown far beyond the Korean Peninsula, reflecting the central role of the two countries, the global leaders in democracy, economy and technology. In terms of challenges directly related to survival, such as climate change and the 19th major, and the threat of the norm -based international order represented by Russia’s continued attack on Ukraine, Korea and the United States have common politics, economy, security, security, security, And it is united with a common resolution to deepen and expand the ties between the people of the two countries. The two leaders promise to highly appreciate the recent achievements of the ROK -US alliance and continue to build them on a solid foundation like a rock.

Nuclear heart axis for peace and prosperity

President Yoon Seok -yeol and President Biden reaffirmed their mutual pledges for the Korea -US defense and US -ROK defense posture under the Korea -US National Defense Treaty. President Biden confirmed his pledges for expanding the US in Korea using all available categories, including nuclear, conventional and missile defense capabilities. The two leaders also agreed to restart the high -level expansion strategy council (EDSCG) as soon as possible. The two leaders promised to strengthen their suppression by enhancing the alliance defense posture, and reaffirmed their willingness to transform their rights based on conditions. In keeping with this, considering the evolving threats of North Korea, the two leaders agreed to initiate consultations to expand the scope and scale of combined practice and training around the Korean peninsula and around them. In addition, in the face of the stability of North Korea, both leaders are new or additional for the expansion and suppression of these measures and the expansion of these measures in the face of the deployment of US military strategic assets in a timely and coordinating way. He reaffirmed his pledges to identify measures. In this context, South Korea and the United States will significantly expand cooperation to cope with various cyber threats from North Korea, including cyber attacks behind the country.

President Yoon Seok -yeol and President Biden reaffirmed the common goal of complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and further strengthened the tight cooperation between the two countries to achieve this. The two leaders shared the perception that North Korea’s nuclear program is a serious threat to peace and stability in other Asian and worlds as well as the Korean peninsula. The two leaders condemn the fact that North Korea’s ballistic missile test launches, including many intercontinental ballistic missile launches, are obvious violations of the UN Security Council resolution, and urges to abandon North Korea’s mass destruction weapons and ballistic missile programs. He reaffirmed his shared will to cooperate with the international community. The two leaders urged all UN member states to fully implement all UN security resolutions, and North Korea also urged the UN Security Council resolution to comply with the duty and existing promises and agreements.

President Yoon Seok -yeol and President Biden emphasized that the way of dialogue to solve peaceful and diplomatic problems with North Korea is still open and urged North Korea to return to negotiations. President Yoon Seok -yeol explained that he would normalize inter -Korean relations through a bold plan to be aimed at the Korean peninsula of non -nuclear prosperity, and President Biden expressed his support for inter -Korean cooperation. The two leaders emphasized the importance of cooperation with three countries in Korea to respond to North Korea’s challenges, defend common security and prosperity, support common values, and strengthen international order based on norms.

President Yoon Seok -yeol and Biden expressed serious concern about North Korean human rights situation. The two leaders also reaffirmed their promise to promote humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable North Koreans. The two leaders have recently expressed concern about the occurrence of Corona in North Korea. South Korea and the United States will cooperate with the international community to provide North Korea’s support to cope with the Corona virus.

Strategic economic and technology partnership

President Yoon Seok -yeol and President Biden recognize that the future of the ROK -US alliance will be defined by a common effort to respond to the 21st century challenges. In this context, both leaders promised to deepen and expand core and emerging technology and cyber security cooperation. The two leaders also promised to develop, use and develop technology according to common democracy principles and universal values.

President Yoon Seok -yeol and President Biden recognize that deepening economic and energy security cooperation, which is key to our prosperity, joint security, and protection of collective interests. To support this initiative, the two leaders will order the launch of economic and security to the National Security Office of the United States to coordinate the administrative and policy approaches between the two governments.

While scientists, researchers, and technicians in Korea and the United States are fully aware of the world’s most innovative level, both leaders use this comparative advantage to use this comparative advantage to the high -tech semiconductor, eco -friendly electric vehicle batteries, artificial intelligence, quantum technology, bio technology, bio manufacturing, It has agreed to strengthen public -private cooperation to protect and promote core and emerging technology, including autonomous robots. Furthermore, both leaders reaffirmed their active support for human exchanges between professionals in these areas. To this end, the two leaders agreed to cooperate with the two countries to promote partnerships between the two countries through investment promotion and R & D cooperation. Recognizing that the potential for cooperation in the areas of defense industries between the US and the US is increasing, both leaders agreed to strengthen their partnerships in areas such as defense supply chain, joint development, and manufacturing, including the start of discussions on the National Defense Procurement Agreement..

Safe, sustainable and resilient global supply chain is the basis of this effort. Based on the cooperation between countries promoted by the US -led Global Supply Recovery Summit and close cooperation at the upcoming ministerial meeting, both leaders agreed to continue to cooperate in response to the challenge and long -term challenges in the supply chain ecosystem. The two leaders agreed to strengthen the recovery and diversity of the global supply chain, including cooperation related to early warning systems and cooperation in core mineral supply and smelting for detection and response of potential supply chain disturbance. The two leaders also agreed to establish regular ministerial supply challenges and industrial dialogue to discuss the promotion of resilient supply chains of major items such as semiconductors, batteries, and core minerals. The two leaders also agreed to enhance the use of advanced technologies, overseas investment screening and export control authorities to prevent the use of advanced technology.

While the volatility of the global energy market is increasing due to the additional invasion of Russia in Ukraine, not only the climate change response pledges, but also the importance of energy security, the two leaders are true energy security as soon as possible and fossil fuels. Recognizing that we reduce our dependence, we decided to strengthen our joint cooperation to secure energy supply networks, including fossil fuel and concentrated uranium.

The two leaders are carbon agents that are the core and reliable sources of power, an important factor in growing our clean energy economy, and recognizes the importance of nuclear power as an essential part of promoting global energy security. The two leaders will expand nuclear cooperation, while using the export promotion and capacity development means jointly, and establish a more resilient nuclear supply network, accelerating the development of advanced reactors and small module (SMR) and global deployment. I made a pledge. The two leaders reaffirmed that the two countries will participate in global private nuclear cooperation in accordance with the highest standards for nuclear expenses, including the addition of the International Atomic Energy Agency as a standard for international safety measures and nuclear supply agreements. While acknowledging the joint goal of strategic ties with respect for intellectual investments in each country, both leaders are transferred to Korea -US nuclear power technology transfer and export cooperation for the purpose of providing a firm foundation for strengthening cooperation in the US, Korea, and overseas nuclear power plants. It is promised to use the same means such as the Nuclear Power Committee in order to deepen the memorandum of understanding and to promote spent fuel management, nuclear export, fuel supply, and nuclear security. The United States welcomed Korea’s decision to participate in the Basic Infrastructure Program for Responsible Use of Technology as a US -led compact module type.

President Yoon Seok -yeol and Biden promised to strengthen the ROK -US alliance throughout the field of space cooperation. Based on Korea’s existing commitment to participate in the Artemis program, the two leaders agreed to promote joint research on space exploration and support the development of Korea’s Korean satellite navigation system (KPS). By the end of this year, the two leaders agreed to hold the 3rd Korea -US civilian dialogue and strengthen cooperation in the space industry. The two leaders also promised to continue cooperation to ensure safe, certain, and sustainable space environment, including quantum space policy dialogue, and to strengthen the defense cumulative partnership through combined practice.

President Yoon Seok -yeol and President Biden agree that the Korea -US Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA), which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, is still the basis of the economic relations of both countries. In order to promote sustainable growth and financial stability, including orderly and well -operated foreign exchange markets, both leaders recognized the need to tightly discuss the trends of the foreign exchange market. The two leaders have promised to cooperate to respond to market distortion practices, sharing the common value and core benefits of fair and market -based competition.

Global Comprehensive Strategic Alliance: Beyond the Korean Peninsula

In the face of more and more complicated global challenges, including climate change and the threat of the 19th trend, President Yun Seok-yeol is an expanded role for free, peace, and prosperity in Korea’s India-Pacific Ocean and other regions. It has suggested that Korea’s global central state is planning to do it. The two leaders reaffirmed each other’s will for the global comprehensive strategic alliance between the two countries, which are firmly rooted in the common value of the two countries, promoting international order, corruption and human rights promotion based on democracy and norms. President Biden evaluated President Yoon Seok -yeol’s idea that he would like to accept greater responsibility at the region and global level, and welcomed Korea to play a leading role in the process of democracy.

Recognizing the existential threats of climate change, President Yoon Seok -yeol and President Biden have strong efforts to coordinate policies between sectors, along with 2030 greenhouse gas reduction targets and 2050 carbon neutral goals. The commitment to the reduction target (NDC) was reaffirmed. The two leaders also acknowledged the importance of rapid global behavior required to respond to the “Global Methane Pledge” and methane issues, and decided to promote cooperation to respond internationally to methane emissions. The two leaders decided to strengthen cooperation to accelerate clean energy such as hydrogen, clean shipping, uncharged vehicles, and to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the 2020s and to meet global carbon neutrality in 2050.

President Yoon Seok -yeol and President Biden promised to support the strengthening of multilateral efforts to prevent, prepare, and respond to infectious diseases. President Yoon Seok -yeol emphasized the leadership of President Biden, who convened a global corona 19 summit held in May 2022, and President Biden’s active participation of President Yoon Seok -yeol and promoting access to the Corona 19 means. The pledges announced by Korea were evaluated, including financial support for (ACT-A), fanding response, and support for the installation of the World Bank for Global Health Safety. President Biden welcomed Korea that this year, the GHSA -level meeting was held in the fall of the Global Health and Security Award (GHSA) and decided to establish a global health and security (GHS) coordination office for sustainable global and regional health security. The two countries will also strengthen their efforts in the quantum and multilateral discussions to promote bio stability and bio security norms. Based on successful health cooperation, the United States and Korea will accelerate cooperation and innovation on cancer research, advanced cancer treatment, mental health research, and mental health disorders early detection and treatment of mental health disorders and strengthen health systems.

President Yoon Seok -yeol and President Biden emphasized a common perception of special benefits provided by open, free, global, global, interoperable, reliable and safe Internet. In order to cope with the increase of threats by digital authoritarianism, the two leaders promised to create an open Internet (“network of networks”) and protect human rights. To achieve this, Korea is ready to support the declaration for the future of the Internet already supported by the United States. The two leaders also reaffirm the need to guarantee the Internet to continue a positive role in promoting the equity, equality and safety of women and girls in both countries. To this end, Korea and the United States participated as founding members in a global partnership for gender -based online harassment and abuse. Recognizing the importance of telecommunications security and business diversity, both leaders also promise to cooperate to develop open, transparent and safe 5G and 6G network equipment using open wireless connection network (Open-Ran) approach at home and abroad. I did it.

President Yoon Seok -yeol and President Biden are cyber hostile forces, cyber security of core infrastructure, cyber crime, and related funds, protection of virtual currency and blockchain applications, strengthening capacity, cyber training, information sharing, military authorities And cooperation on other international security issues in cyber space, including cooperation between the US and the United States on regional and international cyber policies.

President Yoon Seok -yeol and President Biden oppose all acts that impede international order based on the norm and cause unstable or threatening, and unite with the international community to oppose Russia’s unilateral attack against Ukraine. The two countries have responded firmly to this clear violation of international law by imposing self -financial sanctions and export control on Russian and Russian organizations, along with other allied countries in the international community, as well as humanitarian support for Ukraine. The two leaders confirmed that they would guarantee the effective implementation of their own actions and maintain our commitment to the principles of sovereignty and territorial preservation.

The two leaders decided to recognize the importance of prosperous, peaceful, free and open India-Pacific, and to strengthen mutual cooperation throughout the region. In this respect, President Biden expressed his support for President Yoon Seok-yeol’s idea of establishing Korea-Pacific Strategic Framework. President Yoon Seok-yeol also welcomed the US-Pacific strategy in the United States. Both leaders promised to work closely with the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) based on the principles of openness, transparency, and inclusiveness. Both leaders develop a comprehensive indian-Pacific economic framework (IPEF) that will lead to economic involvement in priority issues, including the digital economy, a resilient supply chain, clean energy, and sustainable economic growth. I agreed to be with me to go.

President Yoon Seok-yeol and President Biden reaffirmed their strong support for ASEAN-centricity and ASEAN’s perspective on the India and Pacific Ocean. The two leaders promised to promote cooperation with Southeast Asia and the Pacific Books to promote high -quality transparent investment, including sustainable development, energy security and high -quality infrastructure investment. President Biden welcomed President Yoon Seok -yeol’s interest in Quad, and paid attention to Korea’s complementary strengths, including the eradication of infectious diseases, responding to climate change, and the development of core technologies. The two leaders also decided to cooperate in infrastructure finance, including digital infrastructure in third countries. The two leaders emphasized the importance of Korea -Japan -Japan cooperation in effective response to joint economic challenges.

President Yoon Seok -yeol and Biden reaffirmed their promise to maintain peace and stability, legitimate and unbreakable commerce in the South China Sea and other sea, and to respect international laws, including the freedom of navigation, freedom of flight and the sea. The two leaders emphasized the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait as a key element of security and prosperity in India-Pacific regions. While sharing mutual concerns about the human rights situation in the India and Pacific regions, both leaders promised to promote human rights and rule of law around the world. Both leaders firmly condemn the brutal attacks of Myanmar’s army against Myanmar’s coup and civilians, and press the immediate discontinuation of violence, the release of the detained people, to the promptly returning to democracy through the limited humanitarian approach and democracy throughout Myanmar. Promise. The two leaders urge all nations to provide safe shelter to Myanmar people and to participate in banning weapons in Myanmar.

President Yoon Seok -yeol and President Biden shared the perception that the ROK -US alliance has matured with in -depth and comprehensive strategic relationships. Through the close ties, broad economic and investment linkage, and international order based on democracy, human rights and norms, Korea and the United States can respond to any challenge and capture all the opportunities in front of the two countries. I’m going. President Yoon Seok -yeol and President Biden promised to accept the importance of our joint commitment together and to constantly cooperate to expand and deepen the ties so that the two countries are successful in the rapidly changing world.

President Biden expressed his gratitude to President Yoon Seok -yeol’s warm hospitality and invited President Yoon Seok -yeol’s visit to Washington at a convenient time.

Overwatch League, 7 oclock on the regular season of the eastern region

[Blizzard Entertainment Park Ye -jin reporter] Blizzard Entertainment’s 7th Overwatch League eastern part of the Overwatch League will open on the 20th.

The East Regional Season Season Season Company was reorganized at 7:00 pm ahead of the opening of this season.

The first match is the Philadelphia Fusion, which is guarded by the defending champion Shanghai Dragons and the league’s best dealer.

The confrontation between Seoul Dynasty and Hangzhou Spark, scheduled for 10 pm on the 20th, is also noteworthy. ‘TOBI’ Yang Jin -mo, who was once a representative of Seoul Dynasty, debuted as the Seoul team manager.

Of the nine games in the eastern part of the opening week, six games scheduled for Friday and Sunday are responsible for the commentary of Jeong So -rim and Jang Ji -soo. On the 2nd day of the opening, three games will be combined with Kim Jung -min Caster and the Overwatch League professional commentary. In all nine western games, Hwang Kyu -hyung and Hong Hyun -sung commentary catch the microphone.

Overwatch League 2022 Season | Kickoff Clash Qualifiers | Week 3 Day 3 — East

Meanwhile, the 2022 season is attracting attention as the first season to open on May 6 and to be in the early Overwatch 2nd Build.

Outward: Definitely Edition now available

The day has finally come to venture into the wilderness again! Outward: Definitive Edition is now in retail for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

  • Outward: Definitive Edition – 39.99 euros

The “Definitive Edition” by Outward has experienced players rediscover the basic game with the two DLCs “Three Brothers” and “The Soroboreans” and a wealth of new and updated content.

Outward’s magic can also be found in the brand new musical trailer, which is a tribute to all the adventures that can be experienced in Aurai.

For players who are entering the world of Aurai for the first time, the outward: Definitive Edition is a unique opportunity to plunge upside down into all the adventures that the game celebrated by critics have to offer either as a solo experience or in the co-op -Piel with friends.

As an ordinary adventurer, players not only have to hide or defend themselves against threatening creatures, but also defy the dangerous environmental conditions, protect themselves from contagious diseases, ensure sufficient sleep and breastfeed their thirst.

On their journey they will experience unique encounters – and dangerous opponents – while exploring the dungeons and crossing the huge world that lies in front of them.

Check Out: Outward Definitive Edition
They embark on dangerous expeditions through untamed country to reach new cities, accept varied missions and discover hidden dungeons in which it is teeming with fearsome enemies.

To make matters worse, the “corruption” is added – a toxic material that spreads across the country and can best be described as “radioactivity of the soul”. Of course, it occurred in the country, but was concentrated and further spread after the scourge, which also destroyed cities and at the same time created the most dangerous monsters.

These and many other challenges are waiting for all adventurers who venture into the wilderness and cities of the world of Outward.

Recurring players who already have the base game and the three-brothers DLC can redeem a free copy of the definitive edition.

Outward: Definitive Edition contains the base game of Outward as well as the two DLCS DLCs “Drei Brüder” and “The Soroboreans”, together with a wealth of updates, balancing adjustments and some new content.

Outward: Definitive Edition contains:

    • new unique encounters in dungeons
    • new victory scenarios
    • new diseases
      *-Access to hiding in co-op mode
    • improved enchantment and crafting
    • visual optimizations
      -More totem workshops
      -Previously DLC-exclusive spoilage hazards that are distributed over the entire game

Korean Soul Lake Project Lelic New Play Video Release

The latest trailers of the Korean Soul Lake Game have been released.

The trailer of , which is being developed by the domestic developer ‘Project Cloud Games’, was created to commemorate the B2B booth of ‘2022 Play Expo’, which was held from 12 to 15. Park In -hyuk, CEO of Project Cloud Games, said he participated in the event to find and talk about the publisher.

Currently, Project Relic has completed about 20% of development, and has been delayed since 2023 to 2024 under internal decisions since the last interview. The trailer said it was produced to show the story, exploration and battle that aims at.

22 Million Cloud Gamers! New Report Details the Future of Cloud Gaming - The Nerf Report

For example, through exploration, it collects various information and stories, and targets the boss’s weaknesses and special gimmicks. In this trailer, a scene of causing a big damage to the boss’s attack was induced by a bomb with a bomb.

If you want to know more about Project Relic, please refer to the last interview article.

Related Articles: What is Soul Lake “Korean Sulwha Melted”? ‘Project Relic’ Experience

A MOD that can summon NPCs and bosses in the PC version “ELDEN RING” has appeared -Traveling to the land in the space

Elden Ring SUMMONING POOLS What they are and how to use them

From software new action RPG “ Elden Ring “… In that PC version, various MODs such as “VR” and “Merina” have been actively created. Among them, “MOD that can summon NPCs and bosses” was updated the other day.

According to this MOD named “ NPCS AND BOSSES SPIRIT SPIRIT SUMMONS “, the creator, Satoshi98, “Melina, Marenia, Radagon, Selen (no headwork), Miricent, Lani, Lani, etc. It will be possible to add NPCs and bosses as dedicated items. ” Some characters have the opportunity to fight together in regular game play, but it is a useful feature to be able to summon as a dedicated item.

Players can be obtained by purchasing dedicated items for summoning from the NPC “Miliel” in the knot church. It seems that the character name, text, explanatory sentence, and icons in the game were also made by Satoshi98. In addition, each character status is adjusted in consideration of in -game settings, depictions, and balance.

In the latest version 3.92, the MOD “NPCS AND Bosses Spirit Summons”, which can be summoned by “Mogg, the Mogg of Blood”, is being distributed on Nexusmods. Please take responsibility for downloading and using the mod at your own risk.

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